J-ent Tabloid Catches Top Stars Yamazaki Kento and Hirose Suzu Out on a Date 6 Years After 2016 Romance Movie Your Lie in April

Ooooh, a new (or old but newly confirmed) couple out of J-ent, and it’s equivalent level top young stars each with major fanbases. Japanese news magazine Shukan Bunshun last week reported, along with pictures, that actor Yamazaki Kento and actress Hirose Suzu are dating and it’s serious enough that they are maybe cohabitating. The two costarred together in the 2016 romance movie Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso) but reportedly they didn’t click back then but you never know when love blossoms and now they are dating. They were caught going out to eat, heading back to her condo, going out with another couple to Tokyo Dome for a wrestling event, and heading home again before leaving at different times the next morning as their agencies picked their up. Now I want to watch the movie lol, but they are definitely an adorable couple since I like both individually for their acting projects.

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Ayase Haruka and Aragaki Yui Lead the J-news Poll for Top Actresses of 2022

The top J-actresses appear to have a stranglehold in the audience love for the past decade and probably even earlier almost 15 years. A top J-news publication held a poll of viewers to pick their top J-actress of 2022. To … Continue reading