Additional Bazaar Korea Pictures of the Talented Cast of Battleship Island

The entertainment world, and most of its denizens including fans, love a good positive news story as the unexpected element to consuming the pre-produced offerings of movies and dramas. The wedding announcement of top Korean stars Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki have taken over the media outlets in the short week since it broke, while the more substantive coverage of Song Joong Ki’s upcoming new period war escape movie Battleship Island has seemingly taken a backseat. I suppose if the box office is a rip roaring success none of his costars from So Ji Sub, Hwang Jung Min, or Lee Jung Hyun ought to mind but they certainly aren’t as juicy to write about as speculating on Song-Song wedding guest attendees and future baby looks. With that said, I’ve covered the movie since its inception and continue to look forward to this popcorn flick with an underdog patriotic twist, and the Bazaar Korea pictorial featuring the entire cast really captures the eclectic collaboration of four talented stars. The earlier Bazaar pictures from two weeks ago was really just a portion of the picture, the remainder are here and deliver plenty to savor.


Additional Bazaar Korea Pictures of the Talented Cast of Battleship Island — 5 Comments

  1. what a talented cast and the film director is great hoping the film is a resounding success at the boxoffice.

  2. i really hope Song Song Couple marriage news won’t be over shadow this movie premier. I already waiting this movie so much,can’t wait seeing So Ji Sub to again showing his acting with heart and Off course my fav Joong Ki! hope it will make even bigger admission than a werewolf boy!

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