Ji Chang Wook Looking Ready for Sun and Army Uniform in Pre-Enlistment Fan Meeting

It’s not hard to spot trends and right now there’s one going on with drama male leads shipping off to the army. Both Joo Won and Im Shi Wan went before their dramas aired, and now Ji Chang Wook is enlisting right after the conclusion of Suspicious Partner. And let’s not forget Yoo Ah In trying to report for army duty after Chicago Typewriter but eventually getting exempt due to a physical condition. Of the recent enlistment bunch Ji Chang Wook looks the most fit for duty thanks to giving the impression of an action star as the result of Healer and The K2, not that being able to film an action sequence makes one ready to defend the country but I think he’ll do just fine in the army and after he returns. Maybe even get some sun and not look as white-faced with makeup, and hopefully ditch the late 90’s slouchy button down shirt with wide open collar look paired with 60’s folded  leg jeans as  he was seen wearing this weekend at a fan meeting. Love him the most in a sleek suit and looking forward to see him buzz cut in an army uniform as well.




Ji Chang Wook Looking Ready for Sun and Army Uniform in Pre-Enlistment Fan Meeting — 9 Comments

  1. BTW, the drama name is “Suspicious Partner.” And who gives a fig what he wears to a fansign. After 4+ months of constantly wearing suits for the show, good that Wook feels he can wear whatever he wants from now until Enlistment Day. Dress him in a potato sack and sandals and honestly, no one would care.

  2. I personally think he looked pretty good at his fan meet. Relaxed, casual, approachable feel but still looking presentable imo.

  3. I discovered him for me with Suspicious Partner, which I absolutely adored. Shortly before I watched Healer, which I liked, but didn’t love. But he was so good in SP and he had such lovely chemistry with Nam Ji Hyun I will miss him while he is gone. Only second to Seo In Guk, despite his discharge.

  4. I really love JI CHANG WOOK since “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” were I also like
    Nam Ji Hyun in that drama were she portray as the younger female lead star,
    and JCW portray as the Male lead star and I never expect that in the near
    future they will be paired in a drama as the lead stars and have an awesome
    chemistry!… I really miss them a lot in the drama “Suspicious Partner”
    I love them together not just they are good actor & actress…But I like
    their strong chemistry “ON & OFF CAM” with their closeness, lots of affection
    & care with each other which really captured our hearts….
    For me “JiNam or JiBong or JiJi couple are “Sensational & Phenomenal”,
    the best couple indeed!. Cheers!.

  5. Healer put him on the map. He never stopped working overtime since then..or so it seems. I wish him well. Hope he doesn’t become a military cop like many Super Junior’s did…they seem to have to much time and freedom on their hands.

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