Attendees at VIP Movie Premiere of Battleship Island Reach Stratospheric Levels of Star Gazing

There may be a new standard in quality and quantity of star attendees to the VIP movie premiere of period war escape movie Battleship Island. I saw one of my faves Yoo Seung Ho trading his ruler period garb for comfy movie clothes to attend and clicking on the link turned up a smorgasbord Vegas feast of Korean stars going to support the movie and its cast of Song Joong Ki, So Ji Sub, Hwang Jung Min, and Lee Jung Hyun. I can’t even figure out who is attending for which friend in the cast but with such a stellar cast it’s no wonder that the who’s who of Korean acting is out in full force. Not to mention the movie is full on patriotic and stirring with Korean slaves on Gunkanjima fighting back and escaping their colonial Japanese overlords. Check out the full line up of glitterati attendees below, and hopefully this high profile movie will do better at the box office than Kim Soo Hyun‘s epic flameout hot mess Real.


Attendees at VIP Movie Premiere of Battleship Island Reach Stratospheric Levels of Star Gazing — 20 Comments

    • Idk was she supposed to be there? Her name was probably on attendee list but i saw on twitter that she is in Singapore in some event.

  1. I always find Korean stars very pretty and handsome in dramas or movies. But out of the production set, they always looked underwhelming.

      • Oh I didn’t know I was replying to miss High Standard. I do make a difference between Saint Agur and Kraft’s Singles but come on! In films and dramas they have sat hours for make up and have probably prepared for their roles whereas outside dramas they are literally having free time and dressing the way they want. I don’t think you’ve even seen Hollywood actors on their free time because Leo DiCaprio in films is hot and on his free time, a potbelly not 🙂

    • They are just humans too, you know. I’m sure you don’t look even half as good as them even with your make up you have a mirror at home?

  2. unfortunately battleship island got mixed critic response from various film hoping audiences will eat up the film and it becomes a success as the budget is huge by korean standards.

  3. song Jong Ki is so glowing AND DASHING i can’t stop staring at him the whole time. ? his aura is just
    so different compare to the rest.

  4. Love the style of Park Shi Yeon and Son Ye Jin…they looked so elegant. Really VVIP premiere w/ so many stars. Some other big stars are not even in these pics.

    SJK does really have a pretty handsome face. He often gets complimented w/ his skin but I always thought most Korean artists have the same beautiful skin so I guess his is more special perhaps.

    On PBG’s hair, I just hope he’ll grow it out quickly.

  5. @donagail. most film critics loves some aspects of the film, other aspects not so much.

    they loves the authentic period set of the film and the fact that the movie portrays history very accurately but the found the story to be so so and also told hurriedly.whiles some critics loves the actors performances others not so much.they all agrees the finale is stunning.

    most IMPORTANTLY,eventhough the critics finds the movie average,they EXPECT it to be a SMASH HIT because it is jingoistic,made on a large scale,stars top actors and releases on holiday season.

    • I am shocked that the movie got mixed reviews. Not only the movie but critics are saying cast performance is not up to the Mark. Still I am sure movie will be huge hit and will cross 10million admission because movie depict brutal history and of course it’s star top actorsof Korea.

  6. They exclude some stars too. Joong Ki’s squad cmiiw were all there if not most (LKS, JIS, IJH, dunno KWB, KKB and DO), UAA squad were there ~ Yoo Ah In and Park Hyung Shik, hmm..who else ? ^^

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