Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong, and Kim Jae Wook Confirmed for Romance Drama Temperature of Love

I’m so torn with this drama casting, and it’s torn because it’s so potentially good but only one guy can get the girl. The three leads are confirmed for upcoming Temperature of Love, with now confirmed leading lady Seo Hyun Jin going three-for-three in terms of picking a hit drama after her last two buzzy outings with Another Oh Hae Young followed by Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. Joining her are rookie turned leading man actor Yang Se Jong, who made his acting debut just last year in Seo Hyun Jin’s drama Romantic Doctor, and then followed it up by scene stealing as younger Song Seung Heon in Saimdang: Light’s Diary (not hard to do) and then a good-bad set of clones in sci-fi drama Duel.

Pretty impressive output in a short year and clearly he’s getting tapped to be the male lead due to his potential and solid performances so far. Sadly that relegated my perpetual underrated but so awesome Kim Jae Wook to play the second male romantic lead, which he does so so sooooooo well in ways that break my heart each time. from Bad Guy to Mary Stayed Out All Night to Who Are You. He even managed in a few short episodes before getting unceremoniously written off in Inspiring Generation. So hard to pick, can we clone Seo Hyun Jin for both guys in this drama?

Temperature of Love is written by screenwriter Ha Myung Hee of Doctors, One Warm Word, and High Society, and is based on a novel she wrote about the romance of a K-drama writer and a chef after meeting online. All three cast leads can generate heat and charisma with an ice pack so the narrative doesn’t concern me as much as girding my heart for yet another Kim Jae Wook doesn’t get the girl heartbreak.


Seo Hyun Jin, Yang Se Jong, and Kim Jae Wook Confirmed for Romance Drama Temperature of Love — 16 Comments

    • Exactly!

      For me its a no brainer, Kim Jae Wook over Yang Se Jong anytime even though YSJ may be doing well in Duel.

      If KJW is playing second lead I hope he isn’t confirmed yet. I am sure there are other projects out there where he could be the leading man.

  1. why is kim jae wook still playing second fiddle? he deserves to be the lead! he’s been in the business for years and he’s a damned good actor.

    • I think you are right. I don`t see anywhere the official confirmation but I think all three will sign for this drama soon.

  2. SIGH! Why Oppa why? I wanted Kim Jae Wook back on screen but as the lead. And I like SHJ so it would have been perfect… ah well. Now to decide if I want to watch and risk severe second lead syndrome. ?

  3. I hoped that his new agency would bring him lead role… His villain role in Voice had a lot if success, I don’t understand…

    • He needs to sack his agency. He needs a powerful agency that can get him good roles. He did so well as the serial killer in Voice that I’m still getting the shivers remembering it. Although Se Jong has acting chops, isn’t it too early to promote him as a lead?? Only one year since he debuted, with 3 dramas under his belt?? It’s not like KJW is chopped liver. Damn !!!

      • YSJ is really nailing his 3 characters in Duel… if he is good enough, why can’t he get the lead role on merit. Especially when there are far more experienced but untalented actors/actresses playing the leads.
        One can support KJW without running others down… I too think he should be looking at leading roles at this stage in his career and deservingly so.

      • I didn’t run him down. Hello. It’s my observation that he’s a rookie of one year only and now he’s already the lead in his 4th drama. Unlike KJW who has been in second lead territory for years now.

      • Calm down…easy…
        This drama is about noona dongsaeng romance (romance between older woman and younger man).maybe that’s way they choose ysj as the lead (beside his great acting skill althought he’s still a rookie)..kjw is more than excellent as the lead, but maybe not in this drama (bec the synopsis said like that)..if kjw is the lead, it’s not gonna be noona dongsaeng romance then.. and if kjw still want to join this drama, maybe he sees something interesting on his character..
        just my thought..

  4. Love Kim Jae Wook and if this drama becomes a hit it may help him to have a lead role in a next project. But in any case i’m so happy to see him again . My dream is to see him in a drama with YEH ( actress of Goong and Coffee Prince for those who don’t know her !)

  5. @Juliesean If he’s good enough, he’s old enough… there’s no magic formula for when an actor “deserves” to be the lead.
    KJW’s career progression is lagging vis-a-vis his talent, not sure if it’s down to him not “promoting” himself enough or his agency slacking. Down to him and his agency to up their game.

  6. When I heard tht he signed up with new agency, the same one with Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin, I thought he would finally get to be elevated to leading man status esp after his stellar turn in “Voice”. Guess, it is still same lousy agency which not doing a good job fighting for him. I like KJW but Seo Hyun Jin in a rom-com, I was so badly terrified of her in OHY.

  7. I love love Seo Hyun Jin! She has such a incredible charm, literally. And when it comes to Kim Jae Wook: Since the story requires a young lead man… I hope we will all be satisfied by his character.

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