SBS Weekend Drama Bravo My Life Casts Yeon Jung Hoon, Jung Yumi, and Do Ji Won

I’ve been behind on prime time K-dramas much less weekend dramas but I do miss having the time consistently keep up with a fun and warm hearted weekend drama. Casting is complete for the leads of upcoming SBS weekend drama called Bravo My Life, taking over for the time slot from Unni is Alive. I typically pick weekend dramas solely on the cast and this one has three strong likes with Yeon Jung Hoon, Jung Yumi, and Do Ji Won as the lead trio. The story centers around the work and personal lives of the leads working at a network broadcasting station, think Producer but more square and family-centric storylines. Directing is the PD of Witch’s Castle and Cheongdamdong Scandal and it’s the screenwriter that has me penciling this drama in to check out as she wrote Ugly Alert and Gloria, two addicting and fantastic long dramas, and also wrote Family Honor which is a fan-favorite of many earlier K-drama viewers.

Bravo My Life will be Yeon Jung Hoon’s first return to the 50-episode big three network weekend drama, and I still have vivid dreams about how wild and wacky his last outing in this time slot was with I Summon You, Gold. With that said, the memories of Gold make me realize that if one wants a K-drama to go crazy might as well go all the way and make it memorable, lol. Hopefully Bravo My Life follows the Ugly Alert and Gloria format of warm and meaningful.


SBS Weekend Drama Bravo My Life Casts Yeon Jung Hoon, Jung Yumi, and Do Ji Won — 4 Comments

  1. I was really surprised by how much I loved Ugly Alert (it’s the only daily drama I’ve watched)– I found it to be one of the most touching dramas I’ve ever seen. So does that mean I’d be likely to love Gloria, too?

    • Gloria as in the one starring Bae Doo Na? No. I managed to watch the entire show for Bae Doo Na and even then, I didn’t like it.

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