Park Min Young and Lee Jun Ki Hang Out With Fellow Namoo Actors at 15th Annual Family Day

I still remember the whiplash that was Lee Jun Ki and Park Min Young working together on variety show My Ear’s Candy from two years ago. From the fans excited with their wonderful voice chemistry from the show to the anger when it was revealed that Lee Jun Ki was dating fellow Namoo Actors colleague Jeon Hye Bin in real life, it was like the show shippers collectively lost their minds faster than I’ve ever seen and took it out on adults dating in their personal lives with no impact on their professional works. Thank god that’s all in the past because Park Min Young and Lee Jun Ki are same agency colleagues and friends in real life, as seen in their most recent hanging out shots (along with Do Ji Won) from Namoo Actor’s 15th Annual Family day gathering. Wishing the best for both in picking projects for 2019! Continue reading

Filming Starts on the Kim Hye Ja Lead Female-centric K-drama Unkind Women

Those bemoaning that the K-drama landscape is a wasteland of no good roles and stories for women might have be seeing a shining beacon of hope soon. Filming is underway for the upcoming Wed-Thurs KBS drama called Unkind Women which … Continue reading