New SBS Mon-Tues Drama Falsify Arrives to Lead the Ratings Over A King Loves and School 2017

Being one week late to the new drama premiere party hasn’t hurt new Mon-Tues SBS drama Falsify, and in fact may have helped as the other two new K-dramas that premiered last week on the rival networks both landed with a thud. Today’s premiere of Falsify took in 11.6% for episode 1 and rising in episode 2 to 12.6%. Over on MBC, A King Loves isn’t getting any love as it premiered with single digit ratings and have dropped to now land with 6.2% for episode 5 and going up to 7% in episode 6. KBS is still doing hour long episodes so episode 3 of School 2017 took in an anemic 4.2%. This means Mon-Tues for the next two months will be all Falsify so check it out if the thriller sounds interesting, and it also cements Namgong Min as a real force to be reckoned with as he’s successfully picked yet another ratings winner drama after Chief Kim.

I’m still keeping up with the cable network tvN’s Mon-Tues drama Bride of the Water God even though the acting is pretty dull and the story makes little sense to me, it’s got a mildly addicting vibe and I think Nam Joo Hyuk is so easy on the eyes as Habaek. But overall Mon-Tues is basically yawn inducing until early fall.


New SBS Mon-Tues Drama Falsify Arrives to Lead the Ratings Over A King Loves and School 2017 — 27 Comments

  1. It’s kind of amazing Namgong Min was even’t a leading man until a year or so ago. He really worked his way up through his acting skills alone and he’s had hit after hit lately.

    • I think it has a lot to do with his agency as well and LUCK. Frankly, he’s just a mediocre actor, too early to take on a leading role. Unlike Im Ju Hwan who is still the second lead!!! Sigh! He needs to join another agency.

      • It isblossom entertainment, and they may be concentrating on song joongki and bogum…i hope that is not the case because they are best buddies and I love their gang (ceo cha tae hyun, please give IJW some love please) But yes, I agree, im joo hwan is so long overdue to be the lead if we will base this just in acting alone.

      • I agree it is LUCK but I must say that Nam Gong Min has improved a lot. He definitely deserves his leading man status. As for Im Joo Hwan, it is really sad that he is still being relegated to second lead roles, pretty much the same case with Kim Jae Wook and so as Yoo Yeon Seok (so underrated). Partially the agency not pushing hard enough and secondly and undeniably, LUCK plays very big game in this fickle industry.

      • Oh, and let’s not forget Kang Ha Neul who will be shipped off for 2 years of MS without securing a lead role in a drama. Sigh.

      • I don’t think he’s mediocre at all. He was second lead or the villian in a few dramas and overshadowed the leading men until he got a chance at lead. He’s been great in most of his dramas. It’s also not luck, but hard work.

      • Actually I have read that Kang Ha Nuel is not interested in leading roles at the moment. He has been offered leading roles but he turns them down.

      • NGM is good, he is not mediocre at all!! IJH is good too, I hope his chance of being the lead will come very very soon. I enjoy his character in BofWG, it is mysterious about his character, is he a God? half-God? IJH’s acting is always a guarantee, he never disappoints… he is the most talented actor in that drama!!

      • It is not just ‘luck’, it is very demeaning of you to say such a good actor is down to ‘luck’ as if he has nothing to offer. I remember when he guest starred in Doctors and he stole the show where his part took the highest rating for the entire episode. If you don’t like him then admit it but don’t try to put him down.

      • Lols, mediacore actor wont get any baesang while the lead actor didnt. Some actors are playing the same role over and over again but then his decision to take the antagonist role when many people reminded him as ‘the 2nd guy who will never get the girl’ kinda role was the best decision. Not only for his acting but for so many opportunities a head. It’s a good step. Not only for 2nd lead. But also 1st lead. Some 1st lead actors are still lead actors with no hit dramas. LDW is one of example that 1st lead turned into 2nd lead and he got more popular.

      • Im Ju Hwan really deserves a good film, he does much with v little.

        I expected to really be impressed by Kang Ha-neul but it was Park Jung-min who was v good in Dongju – not to say that KHN was bad but PJM was better. Guess there are a lot of good actors who don’t get their dues:(

      • NGM is not the greatest actor of his generation or anything but he is absolutely not a mediocre actor and I’m not judging him by lower kdrama standards.

        He’s shown he can embody different types of characters and bring them to life vividly. He does such a great job as a villain then turns around and kills it for in comedic roles. He’s so good in comedies that I thought they were the type of roles he preferred only to find out from the man himself that they are hardest for him to portray! His big, big break has been long overdue and I’m happy he’s now headlining dramas.

        I hope he can even move on to becoming an A-lister actor that stars in Korean movies as he continues to hone his acting skills. He certainly has it in him.

    • I don’t know what’s with A King Loves. It received positive reviews but something about it just does not clicked. Is it Im Shi Wan? I don’t know. I watched it but not looking forward to it.

  2. Falsify has the advantage of a broader appeal since the other two are youth dramas. Honestly, another legal thriller sounds so blah to me, no matter how good the acting or plot is. Same for youth saeguks.

    • Jeon Hye Bin, is she one of the lead, ewww, even if that drama jumps to 20%, one of not interesting actresses to watch on tv. also the storyline is overused and worn out, reporters uncovering corruptions, many drama with that story already came out hello, Healer, Pinnochio, Pied Piper, and many more. what’s there left to know, when the world already knows many reporters are tempted to corruption and have politician benefactors to get where they are or stay where they are. id say this drama is overrated, period.

  3. Namgong min is a great actor. I first saw him as second lead in “can u hear my heart”. I was impressed and wondered when he would be a lead actor ! His eyes- expressive ! So glad his career rockets with chief Kim.

    • Same here! I first saw him in Can you hear my heart and liked him since there always wishing for him to be a lead someday! 😀

    • Falsify has a solid cast, it is not just Nam goong Min who is the lead and to be frank, Yoo Jun Sang is a far better actor than NGM so it is not on NGM alone. Yes, he has improved and I think what the other post mean is that he seem to be lucky on all his projects being high in ratings. But being high in ratings doesn’t translate to good in acting. I cannot say he is bad but he isn’t great yet. He has tendency to overact too (example is war of the son). Do not get me wrong, i like him since A dirty Carnival but I am also not blind to his shortcomings. I wish him to do good and be a more dependable actor.

  4. After watching A king loves recent episodes, I can totally tell the difference between Siwan and Hyungsik’s acting. Both are good actors but Hyungsik oozes so much charisma on screen, even with bad writings, Hyungsik totally owned High Society and Hwarang that caused me keep watching them. While Siwan was good in Misaeng, here, in A King Loves, he lacks charisma and presence, other leads Yoona and Jonghyun don’t help either and are not great actors to begin with.
    Not to mention that School series has lost their charm after ‘2013.
    No wonder koreans will prefer falsify to these two drama.

    • To be fair, School 2015 did finish in second place and at double digits at a time when dramas were mostly pulling 3-5 percent ratings. And Falsify doing well shouldn’t come as a surprise because Nam Goong Min is a favorite in Korea at the moment. Anything he does now will pull in high numbers.

      And School 2017 does have a lot of takers but since the target audience is young they just watch it on their phones as opposed to on tv which is why the Naver views for School 2017 is quite high. Same with 2015.

      • PHS showed innate talent in acting in Sirius. It is just that he hasn’t been in a good drama so he wasn’t able to grow. He actually regressed in High Society but he is now slowly on the right track starting in Hwarang and SWDBS. Looking forward to this kid.
        Siwan on the other hand lacks talent but he is a hardworking one and willing to learn so he may be a good one in the future.

    • I watched The King Loves for the writer Song Ji Nah and I must say the writing is solid and so as the directing and production value as a whole. But the drama does not have the charm and here I agree with you, Im Shi Wan…. as good as he is, he does not possess the X-factor and the charisma like Park Hyungsik. PHS could make the most out of the bad writings in Hwarang and High Society and despite how puppy he is, he shown tons of charisma. Sadly, Im Shi Wan does not have the draw to glue you to watch. He is just so plain. And HJH and Yoona also not helping, being just mediocre.
      As for Falsify, Namgongmin is on winning streak. He is in full overdrive mode right now, plus let’s admit there’s no tough competition in this timeslot.

  5. I dont think Korean ratings of a drama is the only main factor now. I just observed, in my country, like between the highly rated Kdrama in Korea with a very good actor in “Innocent Defendant” and poorly rated Kdrama with newbie actors in “Weightlifting Fairy”, they are airing in same timeslot on my country by the way. and you’d be surprised “Weightlifting Fairy” is doing well and is more talked about in social media compared to “Innocent Defendant”. The power of Social media should be taken into consideration as well, and not only the ratings of tv household by survey companies which are limited by sample sizes. In fact, the tv station who aired Weightlifting Fairy has been trying to get hold of newbie Nam Joo Hyuk to held a fan meeting, coz he just gained so many fans, maybe not locally in Korea but Internationally because of his poorly rated drama in Korea. lol, isnt it ironic, dont you think!

    • maybe because weightlifting is youth drama while defendant has way older actor so it’s not marketable to the youth,

      just like how bof is popular but no one say it has a high quality,
      especially in this era when youth cater to visual and doesn’t accept if their oppa is called as foot actor.

      the power of social media isn’t a comparison of how good a drama is but more of how rave the fanbase is which unfortunate for a serious drama with older actor

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