UEE Denies Dating Rumors with Gangman Even After Dispatch Releases Tabloid Pictures

2017 has been such a wedding bonanza in K-ent that a mere dating rumors seems also grade school in comparison. Even then I never forget that the ire of K-netizens is a strong force indeed and the mere specter of dating requires a careful navigation of admission and denial. This will be the second dating news involving idol-actress UEE and the double standard with female stars remains unchanged. As such, while the first time around UEE and actor Lee Sang Yoon admitted to dating, this time UEE is denying dating rumors with idol Gangnam even in the face of tabloid Dispatch releasing pictures that strongly suggest the two are more than just platonic friends.

I honestly could care less any which way but do want to take a stand and support the right for female stars of age to dating any man they way be it another star, someone older, or younger, or differing on the success meter. Ultimately the personal lives of stars when it comes to choosing a romance partner is completely within their purview and warranting no opinion other then the superficial reaction shot. Congrats to UEE if she is dating Gangman and if she’s not then I wish her a happy filming for upcoming drama Manhole: Wonderland’s Feels (Feels So Good).


UEE Denies Dating Rumors with Gangman Even After Dispatch Releases Tabloid Pictures — 18 Comments

  1. When will celebrities dating on longer become scandals? I honestly can’t wait for that time to come! She’s old enough to date and even marry so I wonder why this is even news.

    Whether or not she is seeing someone is entirely her business, and unless she is cheating on a partner or does something really immoral, celebrities should be allowed to see each other in peace without having their pictures blown up to the world. I read that she apologized for denying their relationship under duress, and I wondered if there is a Korean expression akin to “No Comment”, the often used English expression used to keep nosy reporters at bay ?. Smh.

  2. I just don’t get the black mask. Doesn’t it make a person stand out more or a little suspicious when they are covering their faces? Or does everyone in Korea wear face masks?

  3. They have admitted already.

    Is it the trend in K-celebs world? Deny, deny, deny then suddenly announce we are getting married without ever dating lol.

    • They admitted because Dispatch released their dating pictures. Hard to deny anymore. But what’s with the Dispatch double standard here? Sigh.

      • Agree. Double standards Dispatch. At least be fair and not show favouritism. Some celebrities are made to be heroes/heroine whilst others are villains??? Do they have to get the whole country to decide on their partners???

  4. Again, Dispatch is trash for outing them like this. UEE sure made an unwise move by denying it on Instagram only to then get exposed by DP but there must have been a reason. She probably didn’t want to reveal her relationship right away, they’re still likely in their early stages.. When will people stop supporting this trash tabloid that stalks and exploits celebrities? It’s really frightening that DP might have more ‘’incriminating’’ pictures of more celebrities and they’re getting huge sums for not revealing celebs’ private lives…

    • Disagree. Dispatch wouldn’t do this if celebs could date openly. What’s “trash” are the folks who think they have a right to dictate when and who celebs can date, thus making celebs to hide to keep said folks from “trashing” them and ruining their careers!!

    • I kinda agree with you. I mean they’re celebrities so they signed up for this when they decided to pursue career in the entertainment field. However, I don’t understand people’s mentality that they hate sasaengs an want their biases to be happily in relationship but they support Dispatch and basically want their biases to be outed by Dispatch. We all know how celebs, especially female stars, are treated if they break up and date like any other people. I mean for example SHK had two public relationships and she got labeled as a ‘serial dater’ and basically slut shamed, right? In real life people have more experience and I bet these celebs have too, because they’re people with human emotions too, but constant scrutiny by the media might make them want to be more private about their dating lives. Poor UEE. Hope she can give zero fuks and just live her life. She deleted her instagram too, prolly because she was being harassed.

  5. I feel so sorry for celebrities that caught dating. Knetz will bash them if the lover isn’t their level in every ways. And the silly thing is they even need to apologize. Only in Korea.

  6. The only sad thing I take away from this is “Manhole: Wonderland’s Feels (FEELS SO GOOD)”.

    OMG, will nobody suggest a title change??????

    Also, Dispatch sucks. They can go suck socks.

  7. I don’t blame dispatch at least they have photographic evidence. In my country tabloids just write trash and conspiracy theories without any evidence. At least with dispatch fans can make up their own conclusions after seeing the photos

  8. See the good side of all that. we are going to see a drama without couple shippers! Seriously, privacy is precious but when you are a public figure you can’t avoid this kind of inconvenience. Celebrities should know that by now ! Sad but true.

  9. They bunch liars. As someone commented, they don’t know the words ” no comment ” and keep to themselves, it is their life and there is no reason to share if they don’t want to. But lies, staged fake relationships misleading and underestimating fans intelligence, it’s disgusting and disrespectful. But , there is karma, that will bite them in their behind one day.

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