Yang Mi Ravishing in Chic Chanel Outfit at Press Conference for C-movie Brotherhood of Blades 2

Success must be a glorious and beautifying elixir because C-actress Yang Mi has been on fire level gorgeous since starting the year off on a mega high note with the drama adaptation of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms (Eternal Love). I don’t think I’ve seen her styled as beautifully in any period C-drama as she was arrayed in so many flowy dresses and ethereal hairstyles, not to mention the perfect makeup never overdone as so often C-dramas are wont to do. She’s since shined bright in various awards ceremonies and press events, and the latest look strikes my fancy for how eye catching she looks. Yang Mi attended the movie premiere for wuxia period movie Brotherhood of Blades 2 with costar Chang Chen rocking the latest Chanel outfit with a simple white with black logo top and asymmetrical red skirt. It’s so so cute and I love how she kept it casual with a slightly mussed half do. Oh, and the movie looks pretty darn intense as well judging from the trailer for those who love stylized wuxia flicks.


Yang Mi Ravishing in Chic Chanel Outfit at Press Conference for C-movie Brotherhood of Blades 2 — 20 Comments

  1. I am not a fan of any chinese actresses but their styles always hit the right notes unlike Korean stars who (again!) oftenly looked underwhelming outside of filming set. Yang Mi definitely looked effortlessly chic here.

      • She is on and off but she can act and do it better when her roles are good, just like any other actors.
        One thing I appreciate about her is she is actually trying to play different roles and not staying in her lane

    • What’s wrong with Women who love what they do?
      And just because you know little about her in showbiz we can judge them? I didn’t care for her… but she is very strong, cool and smart as little as I learned about her

  2. This is not ravishing just demure.

    These actresses undergo plastic surgery to look like dolls, always channel the kawai mode. Which is the opp of ravishing. That needs physical confidence in oneself, not by being a plastic doll.

    • Yang Mi hasn’t had plastic surgery. Her looks are natural and can be seen in her childhood photos. Sure, she has grown older, but her features are the same.

      • lol, that’s saying Angelababy is all natural. Look at Yang MI’s before and after pics.

      • not natural! She was pretty as a child, but her features have received “enhancements” to make even prettier so to speak… lol…

      • My mistake then. I don’t follow Yang Mi that closely, compared to following other stars, but from what I’ve seen of photos and videos from her childhood, I thought her features seemed unchanged. As for Angelababy, it’s
        seems quite obvious that she has had work done, but with Yang Mi, it seems less noticeable. But Yang Mi’s enhancements still do not grant it to be said that she made herself look like a plastic doll.

      • I agree. I won’t call Yang Mi a plastic doll, she just looks prettier as I have said. She was always pretty 🙂

    • She was actually as pretty as a doll since her childhood.
      I think she did some enhancement but it’s she still has all her faceshape when she was younger. It’s ridiculous for people judge others when they have no freaking idea. But you do you

  3. What a tiny woman! She looks youthful, relaxed and pretty in these photos. I really like her hair. Chang Chen looks like he’s aged a bit.

  4. Still can’t watch her. She is a conscious actress consciously acting while acting. It is so obvious and distracting.

  5. It’s success (and money) that makes her glow. However, I hear she’s not having a lot of marriage bliss with HL… Sigh, hopefully it’s just rumors. I feel like low-key couples tend to be happier…

  6. It never seems to amaze me how these Chinese actors are depicted, to the world, as being free and easy going Chinese, who obviously do not have any restrictions or government control put upon them. Even their dramas depict a different Chinese culture from any I have read about…or is this the true China now?

    • I mean…China has restrictions and censorship, but Chinese actors are not kept under house arrest and only let out to do press conferences. They have all the same rights as regular Chinese people. They can move here if they want to, whenever they want to. I’m not sure what you have been reading, because even western propaganda doesn’t make the current state of China out to be like the USSR during the cold war. Unless of course you’re reading texts from the McCarthy era.

      tldr; please calm down lol

    • LOL you make it like she is jailed and can’t do whatever she wants. The girl make hundred of millions per year… I’m sure she can do much more than you and me if she wants to…

  7. Not a fan of this outfit but Yang Mi is really having a good year with TMOPB and 2 movies that both hit 200 mil.
    People can say what they want about her as an actress but her dramas have good ratings and people go watch her movies… She is really popular and in high demand.

    Congrats Chang Chen too, for his 1st ever movie hit 100 mil.

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