Jo Jung Seok Confirms K-drama Two Cops and Idol Hyeri in Talks for Female Lead

This is a downgrade for me and I can’t believe I’m saying this because the original contender for the role isn’t my idea of a great thespian to begin with. First off with the good news, Jo Jung Seok has confirmed as the leading man for upcoming MBC drama Two Cops. Not so good news is that earlier in discussion female lead Han Ji Min has turned down the role due to scheduling conflicts and the production is now in talks with idol-actress Hyeri to headline opposite Jo Jung Seok. One decent drama performance in Answer Me 1988 did not transform Hyeri into a good actress as she really failed in the followup Entertainer. The drama will have Hyeri playing a dogged reporter while Jo Jung Seok is the titular Two Cops as he plays a earnest detective who gets soul possessed by a swindler and together the two spirits work together to solve crime. The drama is slated for a November premiere so maybe Hyeri will also turn it down, one can only hope.

Also in talks to join Two Cops is Choi Woo Shik, who after a leading man turn in Ho Gu’s Love is back to playing supporting roles. He also has another drama coming out later this year, playing the second male lead in the pre-produced drama The Package with Lee Yeon Hee and Jung Yong Hwa.


Jo Jung Seok Confirms K-drama Two Cops and Idol Hyeri in Talks for Female Lead — 28 Comments

  1. Ha! HJM’s part was a nice way of saying “No Thanks!” That girl has gotten no projects in years…& I don’t see any active ads flooding around too.

    • HJM has been busy with movies. She recently accepted a role in the movie Miss Baek. So she’s been busy with that. Not sure if it’s finished filming yet, but yep. That’s what she’s been up to. And she’s been in a couple of cfs.

    • HJM seems to be scarred from the failure of Hyde. Like her co-star Hyun Bin, she seems to be putting a focus on films; which is a good career move for someone her age.

      • She did seem miserable toward the end of that drama and filming dramas is no fun so I agree; movies can be a better deal.

  2. Nooo…..WHY? I would prefer Han Ji Min if I have to make a choice. She is just no qualified to be the leading lady, especially opposite JJS of his calibre. Haven’t they learnt what happened after pairing her with Ji Sung in Entertainer? Please………..NO. After his last awesome turn with Gong Hyo Jin in Jealousy Incarnate, pairing him with Hyeri is criminal.

  3. I have to agree about Hyeri, she is not ready for female leading roles, she needs more acting experience and more acting classes.

  4. W.T.F.?! Oh god, no! Whyyyyyyy?! I would have loved to see a reunion between JJS and HJM. 🙁 Disappointed in this latest update. Could they really not find anybody in the same age group as HIS? Hyeri is a major downgrade from Gong Hyo Jin and Park Bo Young.

  5. Gosh…what’s with the miscasting lately?!!! How I wish Ha Ji Won jump ship to this drama. Two of my favorites are getting paired up with the ‘not so experience’ idols!!!

    • OMG for the age gap but at least Park Bo Young is a wonderful actress. Hyeri is meh. She is not even an actress to begin with. Why ruin the drama potential for great actors with the casting of idols who can act – there were Ji Sung, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Woo Bin and now JJS????

  6. Hyeri should take second lead role even though she’s the lead in reply 88. Just look at eunji, she doesn’t always become lead actress even after her awesome performance in reply 97.
    Jo jung suk need a strong leading lady to balance his great acting performance. After park bo young and gong hyo jin it will be hard to watch him act along with hyeri. Hmm I’m not sure i will watch this.

  7. Jo Jung Suk was in a drama with IU. She sucked in that one too lmaooo but he has the ability to have chemistry with actress he acts with so it might not be a disaster.

  8. Mysteries of the casting in Kdramaland ? How can a role be proposed to Two different ladies ? Han ji Min a veteran actress VS a rookie actress ( i don’t discriminate the fact that she is an idol)A woman in her 30’s Vs a younger ? Since a few months now, casts like this are a common thing ! Ha ji Won with MIN Hyuk, Ji Sung with Yuri, … Aren’t any actresses of same age and category out there ? or are the roles not worthy enough ?

    • I thought the common theme was that they both can’t emote. I wonder why the production theme didn’t look for stronger actresses? Is it because the female role isn’t very substantial

  9. I’m absolutely sure that JJS will be able to deliver, especially since he shines in the types of roles described above in the text. He is really good in dramedies (drama+comedy) and his best role so far has been Jealousy Incarnate Lee Hwa Shin. I adored him in Oh My Ghostess too.
    However… he is now stuck with Hyeri, who is a one hit wonder. The truth is, that Hyeri blew up because of sophomore jinx (just like her idol actress fellow, miss A JYP’s princess Suzy in Architecture 101), and she was able to shine because of the the work of a talented director in an incredibly well made drama series, which draws in people because of its nostalgic value and reputation. Hyeri in ’Entertainment’ was such a painfully annoying thing to watch and I can’t imagine her getting any better since then, especially because Ji Sung’s failure and that unfitting romance line are still haunting my mind. I truly hope that PDs will realize their mistake and cast another actress asap because Hyeri is a bad choice. Their acting and experience don’t match and I can’t see them having any chemistry. All I can do is just hope that JJS gets better luck and that he’ll manage to survive this farce.

  10. Lmao… Lets see, someone mentionef yuri above, but her name still isnt anything in dramaland. Hyeri is better since she has reply88 under her belt but girl needs more acting lesson. She was just being her in reply88. Well, someone mentioned IU too. I’ve watched that drama, iu and jjs, but it was weekly drama. His acting was good for that character. And iu wasnt bad either (not as much as she was in scarlet, sorry not sorry). But IU is a great singer and helper in hyori’s house lol.

    Well, i like jjs but i couldnt finish Jealousy cuz of the story. I just hope this drama can make him back to my top list actor. Goodluck.

  11. These established actors should do anything they can avoid confirming for a drama until you know who your costar will be! Just try not to make it too obvious ha! If it were me, i’d avoid kdramas altogether unless I was really desperate for money.

    Kdrama castings are a minefield these days. The writing quality isn’t getting any better and now these casting agents are actively hiring underqualified candidates. Honestly, my love for kdramas has really waned over the past few years and I only truly enjoy and finish maybe 3 or 4 dramas in a given year now.

  12. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t ruin a Jo Jung Seok drama for me like this?! Curse you dramagods! You vile and fickle bunch! I find Hyeri utterly unwatchable.

  13. I wished to see him with Kim Ji Won, but then she just finished a drama last month and is about to start filming for her new movie. I want a What’s Up reunion! I really like Jo Jung Suk in movies but I haven’t seen him in TV dramas aside from What’s Up (in which he did an awesome job).

  14. I’m always interested in the business shenanigans about casting. I don’t know how you get from HJM to Hyeri. This type thing drives me crazy because there is just no rhyme or reason at all.

    I liked the way the news came out about Oh My Venus. It was released that it was SJS and SMA and done. I didn’t love the drama that much, but it was all done behind the scenes.

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