Young K-stars Out in Force to Support Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul at VIP Premiere of Midnight Runners

The cool friends contingent was out in force to support the bromance cop antics movie Midnight Runners starring Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul. The former is coming off a well-received turn in K-drama Fight My Way while the later is in the news thanks to prepping for military enlistment next month, so this movie is coming along at a great time for both young actors. This movie premiere skews much younger in the age bracket including idols and singers aplenty, and the big name attendees included Park Bo Gum, Kwang Soo sporting a hilarious new hair style, IU, and Kim Ji Won to stoke the fans of Fight My Way still shipping her with Park Seo Joon. The movie is about a pair of police academy recruits, with Park Seo Joon the action type while Kang Ha Neul is the bookworm, who find themselves in a kidnapping investigation and bumbling their way through. The trailer looks decently funny and hopefully the movie will do well enough for both to continue building on their recent successes.

Trailer for Midnight Runners:


Young K-stars Out in Force to Support Park Seo Joon and Kang Ha Neul at VIP Premiere of Midnight Runners — 15 Comments

    • Lol. Me same. I always shake my head in disbelief whenever korean stars walked the red carpet. Confirm 8 out of 10 will look ridiculous.

      • I don’t know the reasons for Kwang Soo hairstyle, but Go Kyung Pyo’s is totally justified; is the weird hairdo he is styling in the kdrama he’s doing right now, it started last week, Strongest delivery man. I must say, it looks better in this pic than in the drama, because in drama is curly and soooo outdated! But is supossed to be a person who lives delivering jajangmyeon, and lives in the resto where he works, so I doubt he can afford a pretty decent cut of hair. All this history to justify Go Kyung Pyo’s horrible hair hahahaha

      • Oddly, I find Kwang Soo’s hair is OK since its frames his face well.

        But Go Kyung Pyo’s….

  1. Are oversized shirts on guys a new trend (refer to Park Bo Gum’s Gum’s dressing here). I noticed that Song Jong Ki recently has been spotted in oversized shirts a lot too :O

  2. Kim Ji Won said she wants to win the Best Couple award more than an acting award and clearly, she’ll do anything to get it.

    • Delulu. She is there because she was invited and she went to promote his co-worker. Lol. Winning best couple is a token of popularity since they are usually fanvoted, and fave couples of the year are usually very impactful (see Song-Song couple Minmin-Bongbong, Gong Hyo Jin basically with all of her co-stars, JiHye couple etc.). So KJW wanting a best couple award is her saying that she wants to be recognized for her ability (as a lead actress) to be impactful.

      • I’m being delulu for what? For implying that she will do things to ensure the shippers vote for her and PSJ for this award? Koala said it too, that she’s there to stoke the shippers. Celebrities don’t go to support anyone unless there’s something for them to gain out of it. Why do you think she went to ”support” Jin Goo before DOTS aired and forgot to ”support” him after he drama’s buzz ended? She doesn’t care about a former co-star’s movie, she just wants the award, because like you said, it brings a lot of popularity and she, like all the other celebrities, wants to be popular more than anything, that’s what brings them money after all. So if anything, I’m being very realistic.

      • Now that you specified, I agree with you. The first comment made you kinda sound like a shipper. I liked FMW and KJW is good too, but I couldn’t feel a thing for Ae Ra and Dong Man. Their shippers must be going an extra mile in order to see chemistry between them lol

    • @pewttyautumn really? And to think I run away as fast as possible when I see their shippers lol I enjoyed the actors dynamic in the drama, but I cannot stand the level of delusion their shippers reach every time KJW and PSJ even look at each other. I want to tell them to stop cuz this ship will never happen, but then I think why bother? Dispatch will shake them to reality sooner or later.

  3. Is that Lee Yo Won carrying that turquoise purse and wearing that red-blue lined jacket? She looks so different with that hair if that’s her. Also, she is really good actress, loved her in Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Ki. KJW looks really feminine and pretty. Kim Sae Ron looks absolutely womanlike although she is still underage. She looks more mature than her age and appears also more mature than her age, compared to her peers (actually a year older than her) Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung. But this look suits her aura. I’m eagerly waiting to see what kind of actress she will be. Her movies are give you a better idea of her range.
    Kang Ha Neul is really good at acting, handsome and very charismatic. Wish he could finally lead a drama after his military service, where he is going to enlist this year (unlike some other unmanly actor).

  4. Yoon So Hee is so beautiful. She’s dressed quite plainly but still looks stunning.

    The shirts on most of these guys are HIDEOUS. Don’t care if it’s fashionable.

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