Director of In Time With You Helms Web Romance Drama with Sonia Sui, Mike He, Gillian Chung, and Ray Chang

School’s starting again and it also feels like the drama train is coming to life as many Taiwan actors and actresses have upcoming dramas to look forward to. Adding a new one to the lineup with a big name director and cast but on a more du jour platform – Director Winnie of In Time With You and It Started with a Kiss is directing a web romance drama with the literal Chinese title Animal Type Lovers, which is not about animal love thank goodness. It follows a series of young adults seeking romance within their personalities which is described as having certain traits that are associated with various animals. Not sure what that all means but the cast is certainly attractive enough to check out, starring Sonia Sui, Mike He, Gillian Chung, Ray Chang, Allison Lin, and others, which is a return to romance idol dramas for Mike after a long absence from that genre and also a return to acting for Sonia after a three year hiatus since she got married and had two babies in quick succession.


Director of In Time With You Helms Web Romance Drama with Sonia Sui, Mike He, Gillian Chung, and Ray Chang — 6 Comments

  1. Gillian in a Taiwan drama? I thought I would never see the day.

    Winnie is a director I adore so I will most defiantly check this out.

  2. I would like to see Mile and Rainie in another drama again. For some reason, I don’t like any of Mike drama other than Devil Beside You and Why Why Love.

    • I guess you would also like to see Mile divorce his wife and marry Raine. If you were a true fan, and not some deludional puppet, you would accept and enjoy Mike’s other dramas, or a frw of them. He has dramas that are WAY better than the two with Raine. The acting is better, the chemistry with him and his costars is better. Grow up and stop this nonsensr

    • You are making sense. I too am looking forward for another Taiwanese drama. It will be interesting to see Gillian in a Taiwanese drama.

  3. This was such an interesting drama. Hard to stomach the storyline in the middle, but started with great cinematography and the second leads story is compelling.

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