HK-superstar Gillian Chung Divorces TW Doctor Husband Michael Lai After 14 Months of Marriage

I wouldn’t chalk this up to COVID-19 cohabitation friction related split, more like it was bound to happen due to rash and immature getting together in the first place. HK singer Gillian Chung and her Taiwanese doctor husband Michael Lai confirmed their divorce this week, after 14-months of marriage though they did hold a wedding ceremony 6 months prior to registering so more like nearly 2 years together. The couple tied the knot after knowing each other 2 months and Michael was coming off a divorce to his first wife Ivy Chao also known as Flight Attendant Ariel Lin for her resemblance to the actress. The reason for the divorce is he said/her friends say as he posted a long sob story SNS essay about how he Gillian never loved him and got cold feet even before they got married and he tried so hard to make their marriage work, while her friends say that he was lazy and didn’t work hard and went out drinking and clubbing with Instagram models during the marriage. I dunno, my douchebag radar is going off on this one, and honestly these two need to just chalk this up to “move on”.

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