First Preview for MBC Drama Hospital Ship with Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk

The unveiling is here for the maiden voyage of MBC‘s Hospital Ship, taking the ever popular medical K-drama genre and plopping it on the ocean with pit stops at port cities and remote islands. While SBS has been having lots of luck with medical dramas and churn them out the most, MBC hasn’t done a prime time medical drama since the not so top Medical Top Team in 2013 so the track record is pretty thin and underwhelming.

Conversely Ha Ji Won failed to resonate with her last drama The Time We Were Not in Love on SBS whereas her last big hit was with MBC in Empress Ki. I’m hoping she picked a character more suited for her style in Hospital Ship as Time Love was just a hot mess in characterization and development, plus she wasn’t the right choice for that role. The first preview for Hospital Ship is here and I like what I see, fast-paced with plenty of medical action interspersed with contemplation, and she continues to visually match well with male lead Kang Min Hyuk.

First teaser for Hospital Ship:


First Preview for MBC Drama Hospital Ship with Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk — 9 Comments

  1. Should be interesting. Never seen a medical drama taken place on a ship. Scenes should be interesting too as the ship call on different ports. Ha Hi Won my favourite actor. Looking forward to the show!

  2. I’m excited by this drama ! I like the fact that the story is about a medical boat. It’s different from the other medical dramas.

  3. I don’t agree that HJW visually match with KGH. Is the shower scene of HJW really necessary? What is the director trying to sell here??

  4. Only Ha ji Won’s surgery scenes looked interesting lol. Kang Minhyuk looks like he came there straight from high school. Not convincing…

  5. So sad, what the hell did HJW do to MBC to deserve this crap? **babysittig* also, the PD should feel ashamed using the previous drama to guilt HJW into taking this role. She looks much older than him and he’s a child next to her. I love her but does she want to succeed in acting?

  6. Do we actually know the storyline details. Tho romance was mentioned cld it be a case of a crush of a hoobae on sunbaee. If so isnt this very realistic subject as many of us wld have bin thru this phase before.

    HJW had 2 very successful dramas, TK2 hearts and Empress Ki where the guys were so much younger. Why harp on her not so high rating The Time with Lee Jin Wook Didnt The Time shows hving someone near her age range does not ensure a better outcome. So whats the hoolabaloos abt younger nd older looks.

    To me the critical factor boils down to the script and the director’s management of the script and MBC. MBC has the habit of turning a possiblyy good story into craps justt to promote some idols. Hope it doesnt repeat it here.

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