Park Bo Gum Perfectly Previews Fall 2017 Menswear in New Pictorial

Cable network tvN‘s biggest hit drama to date Answer Me 1988 is happily back in the news last week due to news that leads Hyeri and Ryu Jun Yeol are dating in real life. It’s as good a reason to fondly remember the drama and also flash back to the other lead Park Bo Gum‘s role in stealing Hyeri’s characters heart in the drama and now she’s picked the other male lead in real life. I would love to hear what Park Bo Gum is willing to divulge about any on set chemistry between his now dating costars, and what cute behind-the-scenes antics he was privy to. I like Park Bo Gum when he’s playing eccentric characters more than straight up vanilla male leads like he did in Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, when he’s a psycho in I Remember You or likely mildly autistic but still endearing in AM1988. Visually he’s really shed the kid brother look as confirmed in the latest menswear pictorial that has him decked out in various fitted and dapper looks. I hope he continues picking great project, and even if it’s got low ratings at least the role challenges him.


Park Bo Gum Perfectly Previews Fall 2017 Menswear in New Pictorial — 27 Comments

  1. Remember Me was his best drama. Moonlight was so bad. His hype has gone overboard and the shippers are as bad as Nam Lee shippers. Please never do a drama with Park Shin Hye, Kim Ji Won, Park Eun Bin or Gong Seungyeon! I don’t want my biases being torn down by mad shippers!

      • RJY is an A-list movie star who gets to work with acting heavy weights you ugly PBG oppa fangirl/boy.
        PBG himself said that RJY was the better actor and person.
        He is head and shoulders above your vanilla oppa and him and Hyeri make a much better couple than your overhyped oppa and his unattractive minor girlfriend who can’t act.

    • Nam Lee shippers are the worst and most delusional in this whole k-drama fandom. The comments in SSK, LSK and NJH instagrams are disgusting. They don’t see LSK and NJH as people, just some fictional characters they want to ship. I feel sorry for NJH’s current and immediate future co-stars too.
      And true, PBG is overhyped. He is getting more critical praise from his fans than he is actually worth of. I can’t believe people actually ship him with KYJ, poor her. She was a minor when they filmed Moonlight, so predatory to even ship her with an adult. Bogum-Hyeri shippers were absolutely the worst too, they kept slandering Ryu Joon Yeol and Kim Yoo Jung but jokes on them that Hyeri ended up with RJY 🙂
      Also, PSH is kinda already torn by shippers. She’s got multiple of them and some of the ships are just too delulu. Can you believe that some people still ship her with Lee Min Hoo who is dating with someone else. Imagine being so dense. Kim Ji Won and Park Seo Joon shippers are already bordering delusion. PEB and GSY are safe from this for now.

      • You are going too serious with these shipper accusations. I always thought all these shipping business are just for fun. Not in a million years I expect the one that I ship are going to get married for real. It seems you are really immature. How old are you exactly?
        ….and PBG’s fan has right to praise him because they are their fan. Fan tend to overpraise they like their it wrong? Same goes to RYJ, you overpraise him because he is your bias even-though I personally thought he is overrated and PBG is so better than him in all departments and I’m not even a fan.

      • Uhm okay anon/heven. I’m right about this shipper thing though. You should have checked LSK , NJH & SSK IG 2-3 days ago and you wouldn’t say that I’m getting ‘too serious with my accusations’. Also, your comment is kinda pointless and brought no value to this thread 🙂

      • Your are salty because RJY’s last drama was panned globally on the contrary PBG drama was a success critically and commercially. You can’t accept the fact that PBG is more successful than your bias that’s why you keeps dissing MDBC. PBG achieved superstardom status after MDBC whereas your bias remains a B lister after his last drama.
        You also keep mentioning about shippers slandering other shippers when you are one who more vocally childish. Oh yeah! I did shipped RJY and Hyeri as well coz they deserve each other coz both are ugly and overrated.

      • @heven/anon lol you’re so dumb and childish. Missing some IQ points, eh? Did you see how many admission RJY latest film got? RJY isn’t my bias at all, where did you even get that idea? PBG popularity is a bubble and he is overhyped, especially by his delulu fan. Also, I take it as you’re a dumbf*ck Nam Lee shipper. Lmfao I don’t take delulu kids seriously 🙂

    • Errr…Moonlight was bad? I wonder if we watched the same drama. As far as public opinion both in SK and in Asia is concerned the drama was lauded for its plot, acting, cinematography, and musical scoring. I don’t quite understand your criteria for rating a drama. If you’re going to say it’s bad, at least support it with credible explanation.

      • It was a modern day chaebol candy rom com masquerading as a youth saeguk. All cotton candy and no bite and the female lead was wholly unconvincing as a male. Such a terribly plotted drama that wasted Chae Soo Bin’s acting skills. Thankfully she is killing it in Strongest Delivering Man!

  2. He was really mesmerizing in I remember you and interesting in Answer me 1997. Moonlight was so bland, I dropped it after six or seven episodes.

  3. That photographer used the shoot location to get great lines. Great photographs and angles my PBG, clothes and scenery.

  4. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds was really good and especially good for his first fusion sageuk. Now he is ready to go full sageuk in future projects.

    Not sure why people think MDBC was bad. It was so much better than recent fusion sageuks. Just saying.

      • Just to add to this: MDBC flagged near the end when live-shoots and studio demands took their toll, but otherwise it was a refreshing light summer romance featuring effervescent leads. It delivered what it advertised almost perfectly. I feel like some people are resentful of its popularity. Idk why.

      • I get when people say they don’t like light and fluffy fusion sageuks. That’s fine by me. But to say it was bad is just really weird.

        I’m a fan but I know the weaknesses of the drama but overall it was really good for a youthful love story.

      • So just because this drama site has users who dislike MDBC more than other site, makes our opinion more wrong? Lol. I visit other sites too and they go overboard about how good MDBC was and how good Bogum oppa is ~uwu~

      • An opinion is not hate. Moonlight did get better ratings but Moon Lovers was a bigger hit internationally. Two different opinions on a drama from two different audiences.

        Your words are more hateful than the comments I just read above. And Moonlight gets criticized on several sites not just this one. But people obsessed with the ship work to hard to drown them out. No wonder Bogum is getting so much hate.

        As a fan of Bogum since Naeil Cantabile I think he can do much better than Moonlight which was a mediocre drama at best. And its disgusting to see him being shipped with a minor.

    • Agreed.

      I suppose some people who watched MDBC after it became super popular were disappointed because it wasn’t more epic, and they were puzzled as to why something light and fluffy became a national sensation. Still, though, it wasn’t a bad drama by any stretch of the imagination.

      • I think aside from the live-shoots I always thought the drama actually needed 20 episodes to tell the story properly. So for once I hoped it would get those two episodes.

        I think every hyped drama gets some sort of hate but in this case I really don’t get it. But oh well… I can’t change their minds anyway, right? 🙂

      • Yeah. A couple of episodes would’ve fleshed out the main conflict more. But my main complaint about the latter episodes was the lack of Ra-on. I wish they’d managed to integrate her better into the story’s resolution, but the writing admittedly isn’t this drama’s greatest strength.

        Haters gonna hate. Lol

      • There was definitely more love for Lee Yeong aka Park Bo Gum than Ra On aka Kim Yoo Jung.

  5. I really like him as an actor but his looks are not my cup of tea. Loved him in I remember you and reply 88 but I just can’t get into moonlight the plot was too fluffy and boring and his costar was too young. Hope to see him in drama with a better lead and plot.

  6. Seriously speaking MDBC has been one of my most favourite Korean dramas so far. Within a span of 20 years, I only liked another five other Korean dramas which I won’t named to avoid any criticism.
    MDBC has given me such pure joy watching the 2 leads- Bogum & YooJung having such incredible chemistry,with great OST songs what is there to complain about? I couldn’t find such young actors & actress like them who could display such complexity of emotions that could tug at my heart. Every scene of them produced such raw detailed expression that I can cry & laugh together with them. They are DAEBAK! Really deserve the Awards that they are getting so far….????

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