C-ent Abuzz with News of Top Stars Fan Bing Bing and Li Chen’s Confirmed Engagement

He took his sweet time, or she made him really work for it, or they both knew that slow and steady was a smart move, whatever the reason nearly two years after getting together there’s a new engaged couple for C-ent to drool over. Fan Bing Bing and Li Chen are engaged, y’all! The brawny and very smexy actor and variety star popped the question to his goddess level girlfriend at her birthday party. complete with getting down on one knee and holding out a ring box. He posted the celebratory birthday and engagement photos on his Weibo with the words “Us. Forever.” She replied to that “Forever. Forever.” And then Weibo exploded as all their famous celebrity friends piled on the congratulations and excitement, which I feel as well since they are so well known yet also have such a positive reputation among their peers and fans. Can’t wait for their wedding whether extravagant or low key, I feel they have a solid foundation and am so happy they made the leap to the next stage.


C-ent Abuzz with News of Top Stars Fan Bing Bing and Li Chen’s Confirmed Engagement — 4 Comments

  1. Congratulations, Li Chen and Fan Bingbing! I’m so happy for them! Everyone has been waiting for their engagement news forever, and it’s finally come. I love how their post that announced their engagement is like a call back to the post when they announced that they were dating with the caption “Us.” People now are already waiting to see what their babies will look like. XD

  2. I thought they were already engaged and she’s expecting. Wasn’t that why they had to cut her scenes for her new drama?! I’m so lost.

    But so glad they are officially getting married. They fit so well.

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