Moon Geun Young Attends Press Conference for Busan Film Festival Opening Movie Glass Garden

It was a fast news to happening cycle for K-actress Moon Geun Young, not seen in public for over 6 months after she was hospitalized during the run of her stage performance of Romeo and Juliet. She made her first appearance this week at a press conference for her upcoming movie Glass Garden, which was selected as the opening night film for the 2017 Busan Film Festival opening next month. The film is one of the rarer ones directed by a female director Shin Su Won, whose past works have won recognition overseas at Cannes and Berlin. It’s great to see Moon Geun Young take on a movie less high profile and big budget but working for love of the craft and getting to work with a female director. She looks healthy at the press conference except weirdly hunched over with her super long sleeves and over-sized drapey pinstripe shirt. Glad to see her back to business and wishing this full recovery means the end of any more medical scares in her future.


Moon Geun Young Attends Press Conference for Busan Film Festival Opening Movie Glass Garden — 10 Comments

  1. Why would someone wear a shirt like that and in a way like that??? I love you MGY but please, use a mirror next time before you leave your house. 😛

  2. Good that she has recovered well. That outfit is a big no though. She seems to have taken a lesson from the negative criticism she got in Rome and Juliet. That’s how actors should handle critique, reflect upon themselves and better themselves.

  3. MGY’s outfit? I don’t find anything wrong but it has an avant garde element. What was said at this BIFF pre-event? Any quotes from MGY, the director, or BIFF top officials?

  4. The reason the outfit is her arm and hand guys…She is holding her hand and arm and still under recovery.Compartment Syndrome causes condition causing the hand fingers and wrist to curl inward…She is a brave girl and trying to hide this..please support her on her challenging road ahead.

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