Drama Posters and BTS for Black Highlight Leads Song Seung Heon and Go Ara’s Dramatic Intensity

The drama title may be Black but the colors of the drama promos are black and blue, not quite beating up on the leads and instead giving a gritty dark vibe to the proceedings. The drama arrives on cable network OCN on October 14th with Song Seung Heon and Go Ara trading their previous drama’s sageuk garb for the modern look bathed in the supernatural and criminal underbelly of Seoul. Song Seung Heon is a grim reaper cast out of his realm and takes over the body of a police detective, finding himself falling for Go Ara’s character who is saddled with the burden of seeing the specter of death. I love these posters, capturing the gorgeous visuals of the two leads and making them engaged with the viewer with shading on their faces highlighting intensity expressed through their eyes. I really hope the leads and the story deliver a gripping drama, this one would be a waste of an interesting concept if it doesn’t cook up properly.

Official BTS for Black:


Drama Posters and BTS for Black Highlight Leads Song Seung Heon and Go Ara’s Dramatic Intensity — 4 Comments

  1. He is so good looking but acting is not improving… Go Ara is pretty in pictorials and behind the scenes but she is too bland in dramas, can’t see her beauty..

      • Yes, he should pick up light rom-coms but he keeps choosing dramas that require heavy acting which he simply isn’t capable of. Surprisingly, Kim Tae Hee looked like her acting improved in My Princess too.

  2. Gritty, supernaturally-tinted British dramas like Whitechapel (crime in the dark East End of London) come to mind with these fascinating posters. If this one pulls off nicely, it would really be a nice new direction for Kdrama. The drama has some of the pretentiousness (in a good way) and theatrical, thrilling intensity of Sherlock.

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