Six-month Pregnant Lee Shi Young Impressively Runs Half-marathon

K-actress Lee Shi Young continues to be girl power goals as she barrels ahead in her life with such sunshine and strength. This past weekend the actress updated her SNS account to share pictures of her achievement in running a half marathon, made all the more impressive considering she is 6 months pregnant. Of course it’s quite fine to run while pregnant and many runners continue to log the miles while carrying a little one but it’s definitely a rarity in Korea to see this and Lee Shi Young continues to push the boundaries of being fit and fabulous just like she did when she took up boxing as a side gig from her acting day job. She looks so amazing running the marathon and glowing with a 6 month baby in her belly, and she teased that she got two medals for completion because two lives ran the course haha so cute!


Six-month Pregnant Lee Shi Young Impressively Runs Half-marathon — 6 Comments

  1. Gosh. Gorgeous with no fake eyelashes and her complexion is goals.
    This is a natural beauty unlike plastic surgery ridden faces that are threatening to come in droves.
    This actress may have got some maintenance jobs done but she looks to be keeping her natural features well.

  2. A seriously tough woman,she was on a special edition of “Real Man” as an officer on a frigate it was a mixed episode with both men and women and she out performed every celebrity on the show…the naval ratings and officers were extremely impressed with her strength and skill

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