The 2017 Golden Bell Awards in Taipei Brings Out More Luxury Jewels than Memorable Couture Outfits

This weekend was the 2017 Golden Bell Awards celebrating the best of Taiwanese television programs for the last year. The red carpet unfortunately borrowed more from the glittery primary colors glamour of Korean awards dressing and not from the edgier couture range of C-ent awards red carpets. The big winners were veterans Liu De Kai and Ke Shu Qin for Best Actor and Best Actress, and Best Drama went to the omnibus short drama Q series segment called Close Your Eyes Before It’s Dark which starred Bryan Chang and Jian Shu Man that shares similar genre undertones to White Christmas the K-drama from the synopsis. I was so underwhelmed with the gowns it was the sumptuous diamond necklace on Cheryl Yang‘s neck and the eye-catching diamond earrings danging from Rainie Yang that elevated the fashion styles for the event.


The 2017 Golden Bell Awards in Taipei Brings Out More Luxury Jewels than Memorable Couture Outfits — 9 Comments

  1. Zero star power at this awards ceremony. With their talent drain and lackluster newbies (both looks and acting wise), I don’t see a future for Taiwanese dramas at all.

    • That reminds me. The last Taiwanese Drama I watched was “In Time with You”. I don’t know any of the newbies and I haven’t been attracted to any of the latest Taiwanese dramas. I do wonder if there is a future for Taiwanese dramas. I haven’t been keeping up with Taiwanese dramas too so I don’t know if it’s still popular.

    • Actually it’s a revival of Taiwanese dramas in this year domestically. Q Series: A Boy Named Flora A and The Teenage Psychic gained stellar rating in Taiwan, hitting 4+ in rating, it’s been years since any Taiwanese series did that (not including long winded 8pm Taiwanese-Hokkien dramas).

      Most of the nominated works this year are from Q series – 8 installments of mini dramas with different stories and genres, something fresh and different as compared to typical idol dramas.

      Unfortunately, most of these shows are not available on English drama sites with subs. Which is why the lack of star power, because most of these are newcomers or cast that don’t star in idol dramas but are critically acclaimed.

  2. i dont know anything about taiwanese drama. just opened the article to see the dresses. apparently, last night’s Philippine Star Magic Ball is more overwhelming, i mean, the gowns.?

  3. Hmmm… didn’t really ever follow these awards there. Surprisingly, I have not watched any kdramas in 5 months. Just lack of interest. I tried watching some twdramas and they are ok but haven’t really wanted to watch them. I have been watching the 8 pm daily TW dramas including the crazy Sanlih ones. Some reason I was drawn to In the Family and that’s the one I am watching. Otherwise, I think I have a general fatigue of all dramas – tw, c, k and even American ones.

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