Selina Jen Effortlessly Chic in Michael Kors Heading Off to Fashion Week

A thorough win for Taiwanese singer Selina Jen, gorgeous in head-to-toe Michael Kors at Taipei airport last week flying out for New York Fashion Week. I love the pop of the bright red dress accentuated with a thin camel colored belt and topped with a classic ladies cut leather jacket. She’s even got sensible and stylish kitten heels to complete the look. It’s been a few years of change for Selena, having gotten divorced but appears strong and happy as ever. I think she looks as beautiful if not more so than her earlier career days before the devastating onset fire filming a C-drama, keep on being fabulous Selina. Continue reading

The 2017 Golden Bell Awards in Taipei Brings Out More Luxury Jewels than Memorable Couture Outfits

This weekend was the 2017 Golden Bell Awards celebrating the best of Taiwanese television programs for the last year. The red carpet unfortunately borrowed more from the glittery primary colors glamour of Korean awards dressing and not from the edgier … Continue reading

The Best of TW Acting Talent on Display at the Gorgeous 49th Annual Golden Bell Awards

The 49th Annual Golden Bell Awards totally snuck up on me when it flooded all the TW-ent media portals this weekend with picspam galore. The TW-version of the Emmy’s celebrated the great television programs and performances of 2014 and most of the … Continue reading

Charity Photo Exhibition Reveals Taiwan Stars Transformed Into Iconic Images

Today was the unveiling of the Da Ren Wu Charity Photo Exhibition in Taipei (da ren wu literally means big person and here it refers to someone famous), where nearly forty of Taiwan’s biggest entertainers participated in an edgy and … Continue reading