Luhan Lights Up Weibo with Announcement of Girlfriend C-actress Guan Xiao Tong

Leave it to Chinese idol-actor Luhan to do things in a jawdropping way, no matter where his career continues to go I’ll always remember his sudden emergence as a member of top Korean idol group EXO and just as sudden departure following after another Chinese member Kris (Wu Yi Fan). For the last three years Luhan has been doing very well in China, making movies, doing hit variety shows, and his first C-drama Fighter of the Destiny got high ratings. He filmed his second C-drama school yard sports romance Sweet Combat earlier this year and this weekend he shocked and awed the entire Chinese entertainment world by matter-of-factly announcing on Weibo that he’s dating Sweet Combat leading lady Guan Xiao Tong. The Weibo post say “I want to introduce everyone to my girlfriend Guan Xiao Tong.” Dang, to the point and devoid of the hearts and kisses syrup, I like. Congrats to the young couple and have fun dating!

In terms of age, Luhan is 27 years old and Guan Xiao Tong is 20, but she’s a child actress who has been acting since the age of 3 so has grown up in the public eye so should be able to handle the media coverage and crazy Luhan fans who will be targeting her for taking their oppa away.


Luhan Lights Up Weibo with Announcement of Girlfriend C-actress Guan Xiao Tong — 15 Comments

  1. Gotta hand it to Luhan for announcing his relationship like a real man. Heard he took the casting offer for this cheap idol drama to woo Guan Xiaotong, and I think that’s really sweet.
    The girl already gets alot of hate even without dating anybody, so I doubt she will get affected. Hope they last!

  2. Wishing them both happiness! I’ve heard rumors about them dating for a while, but didn’t know that they were true. I’ve also heard that Guan Xiaotong’s dad (an actor) also approves of Lu Han. Their dating news apparently blew up so much on Weibo that Weibo programmers who were on vacation for the national holiday had to come back earlier to fix the overloaded servers. There was even someone who was supposed to get married, but he had to come back to work. Lu Han heard about it and sent his apologies for delaying the guy’s wedding.

    I’ve been a fan of Guan Xiaotong for a long time and it’s really like I’ve seen her grow up. She’s been hit with so much hate recently (even before the dating news came out), and I feel really bad for her. After news of her filming “Sweet Combat” with Lu Han came out, she got hit with even more hate. And now crazy Lu Han “girlfriend” fans and crazy Ludi (Lu Han and Dilraba ship from Chinese Running Man) fans are throwing a bunch of hate toward her, posting things like “wishing that they’ll break up soon,” “she’s not good enough for him”, “I didn’t know Lu Han had such bad taste,” and “Dilraba is better than her.” As a fan, you can love and admire your idol, but don’t think you can dictate what he does with his life. As for the Ludi shippers, pulling Dilraba into all this hate just brings bad publicity to Dilraba when she originally had nothing to do with this.

    I also don’t understand the haters that are digging up stuff that Guan Xiaotong said in the past. Yes, she did say that she was going to marry Li Yifeng, but that’s because she is a fan of his. I think just about every fan girl has said that they’re going to marry their idol, no matter how impossible it is. Yes, she did say that she usually uses a double for her kissing scenes. She got hate for saying that, with haters saying a real actor doesn’t use doubles. When news came out that she decided to not use a double for her kissing scenes in “Sweet Combat,” she got hate for “going back on her word.” Yes, she did say that she did not want to date while still at university, but how could she have expected that she would find love?

    This turned out to be really long, but my point is that although Guan Xiaotong may be “used” to all the hate, she doesn’t deserve it.

  3. wishing him a happy relationship with the lady. and i hope the lady will stay strong and luhan will help in dealing with the craziness later. dating an idol like luhan is a tough challenge. i really, really, really hope they stay strong.

    i, for one, have no deep attachment to my idols unlike others. i wish my idols got married and be happy for themselves first and foremost. wishing him to broke up with his gf will not get you any happiness if your idols end up resented you later on.

  4. Suprising and I like it. I like Guan Xiao Tong very much. I thought she would date Zhang Yi Xing (also EXO member) because their chemistry was so good in the drama Good man.

  5. I never think Luhan would be a manly man. He is now proven himself a real man in handling his love matters. He got my admiration this time!

  6. Apparently rumours says they were photographed so they decided to out themselves before getting outed.

    All fine by me, i watched him in Run Brothers and all the cast, before Dil, were telling him to get a girlfriend because he was very lonely. According to them, the entire Run Brother cast, are all taken and would contact their other half between takes only he has no one to contact so he felt left out and very lonely. I’m glad he found someone now. I’m not a fan of his but he does seem like a genuinely nice guy.

  7. Luhan’s points went up lol. The way he handled this was.. manly.. really straight forward and manly. Or maybe naïveté? Anyway, it’s refreshing to see that he openly admitted his relationship despite him being a young idol with many rabid fangirls. I wonder what the reactions were. If this was in Korea, the idol could kiss goodbye to his popularity. Also the cynical me thinks that this is just a publicity stunt to boost his and his girlfriend’s drama ratings.

  8. Gotta give it to Luhan for manning up lol I saw a handful of negative comments from his fans and Ludi fans.

    Dragging Dilreba into it is pointless. It was obvious the two were set up for publicity on Running Man. The show is scripted, and all that camera angles/editing helped to increase ratings.

  9. Wow that’s a really cool way to deal with personal life being outed to fans. Respect to Lu Han for this, I wish k-idols and celebrities could be this frank and direct. Also they make a cute couple, hope they have a good relationship.

  10. Lol A whole lot of híppocrites here writing good things about this young girl but can’t do the same for another young lady ? All for jealousy !

    • May I ask who the other young lady is that you mentioned so that I can see where I and others may have been hypocritical?

  11. Well maybe some of you don’t really know the real things happening in china entertainment. His so-called manly announcement doesn’t really proves his manliness in the audience eyes. Fans are crying about the news and audience are confused of what is going on. as an idol i think it’s a responsibility to guide his fans to think things positively and minimize any hurt feeling for the fans. yeah, the announcement sure like a huge painful slap to the fans because he didn’t explain the reason for the announcement and ask blessing for the relationship like how Song-song couple did (?).
    Others actor/actress that they ever worked together didn’t give any comment or congrat. most of the congrats come from the actor&actress from china running man except from the crew and producer, they stated that they are not aware anything about it. isn’t it weird for someone that is so well-known as a famous idol in C-entertainment to not getting any congrats from the entertainment? maybe no one looking ahead with their relationship? 🙂
    i don’t really understand how Lu handle his game, he did a lot of inappropriate things that causing the other actress/actor scandals. the likes in 4am on NZ instagram and likes on DLreba pic in 21 May (521 in china means i love you) which could make fans and audience to think more about what he means.this could be one of the reason why there are lots of negative rumours about him because he ruin the likeness from audiences. and poor GXT is getting lot of attacks from the netizen. as for myself, i don’t really like how GXT and her team effort on trying to hype her popularity. there absolutely will be a lot of mental fatigue to also saw GXT in media.
    attitude and self-cultivation should always be a priority on building a good image on audience 🙂

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