Hong Sisters K-drama Hwayugi to Start Filming with Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won, Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Hong Ki

Now that SBS drama While You Were Sleeping has premiered and I’m contently loving it, up next in the anticipation department is the Hong Sisters fantasy drama Hwayugi loosely based on the Chinese classic Journey to the West. All leads are on board and the drama will take place in modern times with the main characters being fantasy beings now with modern identities. Lee Seung Gi is the handsome mischievous Monkey King, Oh Yeon Seo is the beautiful alluring Monk, Cha Seung Won is the charismatic Bull Demon King, Lee Hong Ki is the attractive Pig, and veteran Jang Kwang rounds out the leads as the Sand Demon. In modern times all have unique identities and find themselves banded together to fight a coming dark evil, with the Hong Sisters turning the classic narrative into a romantic comedy with laughs and creative fantasy elements. Filming is slated to start at the end of October just as Lee Seung Gi is discharged from the military, with the drama scheduled to air in December on tvN.

So here’s what I’ve read so far on the characters. Lee Seung Gi as the Monkey King retains his brash personality. Oh Yeon Seo as the Monk who in modern times is the successful and rich female CEO of a company that buys distressed and condemned properties and cleans it up to sell at a profit. Cha Seung Won’s Bull Demon King wants to be idolized but can’t get temples or churches built around him so is instead the CEO of a top entertainment agency and is even more popular and well-known than even his own artists. Lee Hong Ki as the Pig character is a top idol star who needs female fans energy to keep himself handsome and vibrant. The trio of demons someone finds the Monk again who makes them her “pupils” again and together the quartet set out to battle an impending evil darkness.


Hong Sisters K-drama Hwayugi to Start Filming with Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won, Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Hong Ki — 19 Comments

  1. I’ve only been mildly interested in this drama with the very few details I’ve heard so far. But after all the plot details and actors confirmation today, I’m really excited about this show!! Happy that Lee Seung Gi will finally be back in drama land.

  2. I love oh yeon seo<3
    Her last drama My Sassy girl was quite a disappointing so i was hoping she could act in a regular rom-com
    And yeay… i love Hong Sisters Master Sun so i hope this gonna be good too.

  3. Lee Hong Ki…they could have picked a more talented and better looking idol. He is not getting any finer with time not aging well at all

    • Im only going to comment on the talent bit since looks are subjective.But gotta give credit where its due.If there are male idols, most people dont have problems with, acting wise.one of them is Hong Ki.The guy can act.Especially this role seems right up his alley(comedy).

    • @Momo – LHK is more than an idol. He was a child actor. He started acting in 2002 before he joined FT Island as the lead singer in 2007. Get your facts straight before you comment please!

    • More talented ? He’s the one with the best voice and the best redition of songs. He’s a good actor too. For his look, he has his up and down, but lastly he’s pretty fine.

  4. this drama will be a huge hit in china and the producers will have benefitted from sales if not for thaad. china loves everything journey to the west.

    • With the THAAD ban and Journey to the West being a really important classic to them (you see at least 2-3 adaptation of the year), I doubt it will become a huge hit.

  5. LHK, yes. Looking forward to see him in this drama. Pig! There will be a lot laughter and he is an expert on that. Go Honkg Ki. Fighting !

  6. *meaning. Hong Ki. Fighting! Will be a pleasure to watch you , while waiting for Park Shin Hye to honor the dramaland again with her presence, sometime in the future!

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