Kim Hee Sun Striking in All Over Red for New Vogue Korea Pictorial

Red must be one of the colors of fall 2017 since Vogue Korea went all in with the color and K-actress Kim Hee Sun for an upcoming October pictorial. It’s not pretty insomuch as it’s striking, the kind of visuals that you stop in your tracks and do a double take without deciding whether you like it or not. There’s headnets and veils and so much red that the concrete grey backdrop is almost a contrasting relief. After the runaway success of her last drama Women of Dignity, I hope Kim Hee Sun continues to get offers and picks smart roles like she’s done in recent years with Women and Angry Mom, and her fans may even credit Faith as a smart project choice. I remain impressed with her career transformation from flower vase in her twenties to legit veteran actress in her forties. Brava and keep up the fantastic role model good work!


Kim Hee Sun Striking in All Over Red for New Vogue Korea Pictorial — 3 Comments

  1. I knew this actress and she looks so good in every photoshoot. She is a beauty queen in Korea. Never believe her ages, she is really a well-preserved actress, kudos!

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