Hong Sister’s tvN Drama Hwayugi Adds Interesting Supporting Ladies Bora, Lee Se Young, and Lee El

A trio of very different but interesting in their own way K-actresses have signed on to upcoming tvN fantasy drama Hwayugi penned by the Hong Sisters. Former idol turned actress Bora (Yoon Bo Ra) is slated to take a supporting role, in a character not based from one in the Chinese classic Journey to the West which is the basis for Hwayugi. Lee El continues her fantasy drama streak by joining Hwayugi, her third in a row after doing Goblin and now grim reaper police drama Black. Her character will be the secretary to a top entertainment agency president, though in the drama he is also the modern day incarnation of the Bull Demon King. And lastly Lee Se Young is also in talks to join Hwayugi, going back to a supporting role in a more high profile drama after being the female lead in KBS drama The Big Hit. These three ladies will be joining Lee Seung Gi, Cha Seung Won, Oh Yeon Seo, Lee Hong Ki, and Jang Kwang, all of whom play characters based on the famous Journey to the West demons plus monk.


Hong Sister’s tvN Drama Hwayugi Adds Interesting Supporting Ladies Bora, Lee Se Young, and Lee El — 12 Comments

  1. The cast is shaping up to be fantastic. I don’t care if the writing sucks now. I’m hoping that Lee El has a separate love line with Cha Seung Won instead of the usual love triangle troupe though I read that it’s a love triangle. ??

    • Agree with you buddy.. Bromance of LSG + CSW is better than a love triangle with the female lead. They should not waste the great chemistry of Cha seungwon and Lee seung gi in this drama.

  2. I like Lee se young very much hope this chance gives her more popularity because even though she been acting for a while not a lot of people know about her.

    • I liked Lee Se Young so very much in The Best Hit, she carried her character so well, so real. She improved greatly since i saw her play second lead in Trot Lovers. She is way too talented for second lead role but being a bigger drama, with bigger stars hopefully will let her have lead role soon again.

      She made me a fan and i will hope to get more big chances, not lose her roles to lesser actors female idols.

    • Nahhh I doubt it will fail.. Even if the script is sh*t, If you have Lee seung gi and Cha seungwon.. The ratings will be huge. These 2 actors have many loyal fans and viewers..

  3. This entire cast is amazing so far if the script is bad I’m going to be so upset…..the last two dramas of the Hong sisters were rather terrible so I’m praying that this is good

  4. Correct if you have lee seung gi and cha seungwon it would be great…i love them both specially lee seung gi he’s a good actor a professional one…

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