MBC Labor Unions Escalate Strike to Affect Postponed Airing of Weekend and Daily Dramas

The ongoing MBC network strike started on September 4th aimed at forcing the resignation of the MBC network president Kim Jang Kyum is going to be escalated by the employees after their demand has not been met. KBS is also having a strike but this forthcoming escalation is on the part of MBC’s workers alone. MBC’s labor union announced that it will be escalating the strike to become a cascading series of drama postponements. The following dramas will successively halt airing so if you’re watching get ready for taking a break, the the most painful will likely be weekend drama Bad Thief Good Thief as it’a 50-episode drama that is four episodes from finishing. Other dramas getting postponed is Man Who Sets the Table and weekday dramas Sisters-in-Law and Return of Bok Dan Ji. I’m not sure if this will work since the prime time two MBC drama Hospital Ship and 20th Century Boy and Girl are not being affected, nor is hit variety show Infinity Challenge.


MBC Labor Unions Escalate Strike to Affect Postponed Airing of Weekend and Daily Dramas — 5 Comments

  1. I feel so bad for viewers of Bad Thief Good Thief. Imagine being left in suspense so close to the ending.
    I agree it seems kind of pointless since weekday dramas and Infinite Challenge are the most influential programs.

  2. Nope, 20th Century has 3% ratings and even Hospital Ship is in the doldrums. Bok Dan-ji is the number one drama airing on MBC right now at 13%, so it will certainly hurt a lot. But, the funny thing is, the strike already took that soap off the air for seven days in September. It only came back stronger and stayed at double digits ever since.

    Yet, Bok Dan-ji was supposed to end in only a month and Sisters-in-law only has also three weeks left, so it’s probably bad for its viewers. On the other hand, I will always be in favor of collective action by labor.

    • you can’t just see based on ratings, because daily and weekend dramas usually have higher ratings but they are not impactful.
      prime-time dramas, despite not having high ratings, earn more from endorsements and international broadcast. you should see the amount of subway in 20th century.

  3. the reason the strike still not ending is because not all drama team joining the strike. drama department is keeping mbc afloat as of now. i f all drama teams join the strike probably the higher management will consider giving in to employees demand.

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