2017 C-drama Adaptation of Summer’s Desire Looking Good with New Character Poster

I’m curious to see if the latest live-action adaptation of the romance novel Summer’s Desire will finally make me understand why this particular story resonates with readers in similar shades to the Hana Yori Dango narrative. The TW-drama was a horrific casting mishap from the get go, with Barbie Hsu, Peter Ho, and Huang Xiaoming all being too told and too seasoned for their roles, much like the awkward versions of adult actors playing their own high school counterparts with it extending even to the adult versions.

The 2017 C-drama version has 19 year old rising actress Sophie Zhang as female lead Xiao Mo with Qin Jun Jie as Ou Chen and Huang Sheng Ci as Luo Xi. The character posters are out with a refreshing simplicity that emphasizes how suitable the three leads looks for their roles, not to mention age-suitable in real life. This is also the first time I like the actor playing Ou Chen better than Luo Xi which is important for liking this story otherwise I’m always second lead shipping due to simply disliking the male lead more.


2017 C-drama Adaptation of Summer’s Desire Looking Good with New Character Poster — 11 Comments

  1. I like the 2nd lead, simply bcuz i’ve watched his drama before. He’s fine but just kinda short. Lols. Even some people said that huang xiao ming was kinda creepy especially his smile/grin in summer’s desire but he was so handsome. I hope they execute this drama better than before.

  2. huang xiao ming have mysterious charismatic, maybe that the reason why some people scare with him,and it will be hard to compare with him. i don’t really like barbie hsu character in this drama, i more like her in mars.

  3. It’s probably cause Summers Desire and Hana Yori Dango has similar tropes. A male lead possessive guy whose insanely rich is deeply in love with a “poor” girl. Along with a love triangle and money problems arising. Summers Desire definitely has a darker storyline though. I’m such a sucker for cliches…

  4. The TW version wasn’t terrible just because of the cast, the story was the main downfall. This novel is so twisted and poorly written that it doesn’t deserve an adaptation at all. What do people see in Ming Xiao Xi’s books really? They are so bloody awful.

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