K-stars Finally Try Adventurous Fashion Dressing to Mixed Results at W Korea Bash for Breast Cancer Charity

This news post is a week late but it was a trying week in K-ent with the saddest star departure followed by the happiest celebrity wedding, one needs to take a deep breath and get back on track. On October 27th W Korea Magazine held a huge charity bash to benefit breast cancer research and awareness, one of the causes that has been around for decades but still poses a deadly risk to so many woman everywhere. It was truly star-studded with an arrivals contingent rivaling any awards show, and the fashion was actually interesting even if many outfits were not all that pretty. For one step below awards show dressing, the stars actually took some interesting risks and the ones who stood out for me for Han Ji Min, Gong Hyo Jin, Kim Sa Rang, Kim So Yeon, and Chae Jung Ahn. Funky standouts in the ugly category has to go to UEE and Minho, those two need to get back into their closets and do major spring cleaning.


K-stars Finally Try Adventurous Fashion Dressing to Mixed Results at W Korea Bash for Breast Cancer Charity — 29 Comments

  1. Why does UEE keep thinks she needs to keep losing weight! I get scare seeing her these days. The break-up of her first love with Lee Sang Yoon must cause her to to be this thin. Poor thing.

    • Not to add her latest ex-boyfriend KangNam didnt help matters at all.The way her dating was revealed..the backlash she got for denying(speak for she wanted to keep to private).Then more backlash when they broke up.Only to turn out the guy was trash as evidenced by his two scandals not too long ago.

      She signed up for the drama flop of the year(manhole).She drop the park shi hoo weekend drama(my golden life) which is hitting the roof in ratings.I dont blame her about drama thing(dude PSH is still cancelled in my book?) but I feel for her.She must be really stressed.This has not been a good year for her.If she is the type that loses appetite when they are going through a rough patch, this is the result.

    • Uee did an unnecessary jaw shave and nose job, normally I don’t care about PS but here it looks unnatural and actually interferes with her acting, she has a lisp now which she didn’t before. It’s just sad.

    • Who is the girl in the black and white high neck printed dress and taupe coloured clutch? I like her outfit, at least she carries it well.

      Gong Hyo Jin really carries off outfits like a fashion model.

  2. Han Ye ri is really a pretty woman. Kim So yeon is fantastic as always,she never makes a faux pas. Cha Ye ryun is glowing since her marriage. Uee (poor girl) seems to have health issues. And more than ever i miss Yoon Eun hye who used to go at this event (2006, 2009,2010,2011).

      • She was accused of copying a designers design while appearing on a variety show. Her reputation is tarnished in Korean.

      • It’s bullshit that Park Shi Hoo who was accused of rape can get a KBS family drama to clean his image but she is thrown away for some design crap.

      • Yes agree @teacakes, it’s bullshit. YEH still get acting offers mind you @Shadow Star. It’s just she prefer to lay low for now and being active on religious events more. If you read or watch videos of her testimony in Indonesia, you will know why.
        FYI @Shadow Star I often visit Korean portal and her recent article get more positive response/feed back. They rarely mention her “scandal” anymore.
        There were even some talks/rumor about the possibility of making “Coffee Prince” season 2

      • What are these religious events shes attending? Why is she not coming back with a drama? I have liked her since Goong. She is very talented

      • @dreamcatcher, I’m not really sure. But I think it has something to do with her personal experience. She said that popularity & money didn’t make her happy, instead those brought her troubles. If you want to know her full testimony you can read it at her soompi thread on posts by @lonetwilight

        But if you ask me, I think she’s still interested in acting just not as her main interest anymore

      • I can understand her. After health issues, i only work now to gain money to live a simple life an spare time to my family and help people around me. i’m not a religious person like her, but i do it in my way. With that said , i can’t deny that it would be awesome to see her in a production.

      • @cahill I’m really sorry hearing about your health condition, I hope it’s getting better now. Anyway, reading her full testimony I feel for her. And I know that it could happened to everyone mostly a public figure like her, so I can’t blame her for doing what she did. As much as it’s a slim chance I really hope she takes acting project again in the future.

  3. Uee just breaks my heart with how she looks now. I understand the need and ideal of being healthy but her slimming is so worrisome in how skinny she look. Honestly she was much healthier and pretty in the days with her round face and honey thighs. It’s really sad those charms are gone. I like her back then when she star with Joowon but sadly I stop watching her drama just seeing how skinny she becomes. Really not healthy and definitely under the BMI scale.

  4. Minho looks like a clown here ? What a joke!! Who is the woman with the mask? Isn’t it a bit inappropriate for a charity event? Her dress is so ugly…

    • It’s Goo Hara. I read it was Halloween themed so I guess she was the only one who made the effort to stick with the theme lol

      • Lmao…. she sticks out like a sore thumb… I would remove that mask if no one is wearing one… LOL….

  5. It’s now really uncomfortable whenever I come across pictures of UEE. She is just skin and bones, also the jaw shaving (whether through surgery or botox) went too far.

  6. so so sad for uee,used to be soo gorgeous and healthy.what really happened to her?k netz and inetz have been constantly telling her to gain weight to no avail.

    i think she must be trying to gain weight and failing at it.she should see her doctor .she looks scary now

  7. Tablo and Kang Hye Jung always wear matching outfits when they attend any event together like they want the world to know that they belong to each-other.KHJ looks good even with her usual quirky fashion and Tablo is aging backwards.

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