Seo Ji Hye Makes Immortal Antagonist Appearance in First Stills for KBS Drama Black Knight

Leave it to Seo Ji Hye to steal the drama even before it airs from the two leads, or at least from the female lead for sure. The first stills are out for Seo Ji Hye as the antagonist character in upcoming KBS fantasy melo romance Black Knight (The Man Who Guards Me), playing the character of Sharon (love the name) who hasn’t aged in two hundred years and is described as prickly and who wouldn’t be if one can’t age or die. The first stills are so gorgeously mood, and Seo Ji Hye looks every bit the immortal who doesn’t give one f*ck and looks exquisitely bitchy perched in her ornate chair throne. All the promos tout the everlasting or destined souring romance of leads Kim Rae Won and Shin Se Kyung but I’m way more interested to see Sharon’s thorns and how her immortal state of being plays into the narrative.


Seo Ji Hye Makes Immortal Antagonist Appearance in First Stills for KBS Drama Black Knight — 17 Comments

  1. I’m annoyed that this show is airing opposite Yeo Seng Ho new show. It won’t make first place at all despite having the better actors in Kim Rae Won & Seo Ji Hye. Oppar popularity is so annoying! Veteran actor always getting shelved because of some younglings!

    • Don’t underestimate Kim Raewon’s popularity in Korea. Doctors got pretty high ratings. In the end it’s about which drama has the better script.

      • @Puff & @Khushi
        Yoo Hye Jung may have created a girl crush syndrome that summer in Korea but Hong Hong Hong made all the women lose their breath too. So I’d say it was 50-50. But I think if KRW wasn’t the male lead in Doctors and some other PSH’s same age hallyu actor had been the male lead, I don’t think Doctors would have been that popular. So KRW definitely brought in the viewers. Besides, he has a good track record in dramas an viewers love his acting.

      • I don’t think KRW is as popular as PSH or YSH. He’s liked but not enough to bring in a big audience. YSH has the upper hand all his dramas post army have topped ratings.

    • @lovelybones
      Don’t underestimate the power of KRW. He has always had ratings success dramas. Viewers really trust his acting. If the plot is interesting, I believe his drama will be the ratings winner in its time slot.

  2. Seo Ji Hye is so gorgeous and a fine actress.
    Sad that she always plays second lead.
    At least in Punch the lead is Kim Ah Joong but here second to SSK…go fathom.

    • Agree with you. I think I’m going to have a second lead syndrome here. Seo Ji Hye had good chemistry with KRW even in Punch.

      • Yeah they were both really good in Punch. I have no doubt about their chemistry in this coming drama too.

    • Exactly, why doesn’t she ever get to be the main lead? She’s beautiful and has great stage (or in this case, screen) presence. I hope she gets her turn playing a bad ass lead someday.

  3. I love love love Kim Rae Won, I don’t care if the story is cringey or cheesy, I don’t watch doctors because I’m not a fan of PSH’s act and medical drama, that’s why I miss KRW so much, his movie was an appetizer, this drama is the main course lol I sound like a pervert

  4. Please don’t compare psh and krw and create fan wars. They both did great in Doctors. Although the story wasn’t that fascinating but they saved it. Both compatible to each others. I fall for YHJ and hong3

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