MBC and KBS May Not Hold Annual Year End Drama Awards for 2017 Due to Strike Fallout

I do love covering the year end Big Three network K-drama awards ceremony, it’s like a company banquet rewarding high performing employees and another chance to check out red carpet fashion. That’s why I’m genuinely sad that we may only have one year end drama award for 2017 over at SBS, with strike-plagued MBC and KBS announcing today that they may not hold the annual year end drama awards. Both networks are still considering, and may also not hold their usual year end music and entertainment variety awards as well, all due to the two months long strike by their employees and labor unions demanding the ouster of the respective network presidents. I’m fine with my entertainment consumption coming in second to the pursuit of justice and fairness so if it means only SBS, and likely cable network tvN, will hold year end drama awards then that’s fine with me. Ultimately both MBC and KBS having mostly duds in the prime time slots in 2017 with KBS having success only in the weekend dramas with Laurel Tree Tailors into Father is Strange and now My Golden Life.


MBC and KBS May Not Hold Annual Year End Drama Awards for 2017 Due to Strike Fallout — 41 Comments

  1. It’s for the best. If MBC and KBS can’t do the award shows properly, they should just shelve them this year. MBC awards was laughable anyway last year. I definitely want to see TVN’s end of year drama awards though.

    • Add SBS there too. Awarding just everyone and their mothers last year and creating unnecessary categories. At least even the low rate dramas like Scarlet Heart got to have some awards so it was fair in this sense.
      Although JJH’s performance in LOTBS was nothing phenomenal, that Best Eating Award, or whatever the heck it was, was an insult to her. She was the biggest reason that lackluster mediocrity had it ratings in the high teens. SBS had the audacity to award Lee Min Hoo a proper award instead. LMH is such a bad actor and he was Gu Jun Pyo no. 5 in LOTBS. His performance was WORSE than Lee Jun Ki’s and still Lee Min Hoe got a top excellence award. What a joke.

      • I was mad as hell that Lee Jun Ki only netted the Hallyu star award and that was the courtesy of the i-fans. Moon Lovers was a hot mess but LJK was the one who kept the ship afloat and he was clearly robbed.

      • @OMG arggh dont remind me?.I am still salty about that.Even K-Nets were like what the hell man.”We get that the ratings were low, but why is LJK walking away with no acting award?” what happen to giving him the “producers” award?It cant be worse than MBC(Two Weeks) in 2013 right?That was blatant robbery.

        @Abc you are right.Especially MBC.Its actually good for them if they dont hold the drama awards.They always produce mediocre dramas but this year is even worse.They have nothing worth awarding.They only had Ruler which got 12% average thanks to the name power of the leads(how can you get mega talent like Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun and screw up the script?).Rebel which got 11% average.Everything else was meh.I only remember “Cheif Kim”,Queen of Mystery and “Fight my Way” which did well.

      • @RubyRed Ruler could have been MBC’s biggest drama this year if only they had a good writer to support the casting of KSH-YSH. They really messed up a golden opportunity but got away with it because of their combined star power.

      • go jun pyo no.5 LOL but i think these award ceremonies are strictly controlled by insiders or bigbosses. i think lee joon gi was nominated for daesang but removed later i saw some of his fans make fuzz about it on his ig saying how come they remove him? how they do it to him? so out of anger many of them started voting vigorously.well after i read the news about him everything made sense not to mention how hw was being bullied by shit media and corrupt national inteligence service staff. that was some serious shit right there. SBS had no choice but to glorify the populrity award as the second biggest award to save their face.

      • go jun pyo no 5 LOL hahaha. i think sbs gave lee joon gi a daesang nomination and then cancelled it (totally makes sense since the news about him imagine corrupt ass politicians, shitty media and corrupt national intenlligence service officers making schemes to ruin you seems scary… .). i saw some people rant about cancellation on his ig or may be someother site i dont remember exactly…. and asked how could they do this to him seems they were pissed off and started voting vigorously for him. sbs had no choice but to glorify the mediocre popularity award as the second highest award of the ceremony to save their face.

    • at least yoo seungho will probably win daesang if mbc does hold one. his drama did the best this year and he still has that robot drama.

      or jo jungsuk… i hope his upcoming drama will be a hit.

      • Jo Jung Suk is great.But the problem is Hyeri.Remember they put her with Ji Sung in entertainer and the drama flopped.Jo Jung Suk will outact her.He will probably be acting his butt off, especially since he has two characters, while Hyeri will be focusing on looking pretty, instead of immersing in the character.Isnt she a reporter just like suzy in WYWS?

      • not really sure but i think jo jungsok hyeri drama will not be included in the yearend award, they may attend as presentor to promote the drama though.

  2. MBC awards has lost its credibility when they gave Lee Ddochi daesang for his (mediocre, but not as lousy as in wyws) performance in W. I also stopped taking seriously these awards when Suzy got an excellence actress award for Gu Family Book, even before she got a best newbie/rookie award. The only reason she got it was because the same year she blew up with Architecture 101, first love image and a butt load of mediaplay by her big agency, JYP. Mediaplay may have fooled some people into thinking that she is a raw acting talent but spectators with their brains could see how she lucked out. Jo Jae Hyun’s expression is priceless when she goes on stage to deliver her trophy and she starts to mumble a thank you speech. Many senior actors had the same expression actually. Year end awards is rarely about awarding the talented and deserving, it’s mostly about popularity. Lee Doochi and Suzy are both huge bubbles when it comes to acting. I won’t deny their popularity and endorsing power though 🙂

    • since wyws was a disappointment,i dont think they will get the top awards, ji sung, lee sangyoon, lee boyoung will get it, best couple maybe, they even schedule the showing so that it will be included in der yearend award, but unfortunately for sbs it failed.

      • @llyañne, lets hope so.Ji Sung, Lee Bo Young and Lee Sang Yoon should get their well deserved top acting awards.The only awards they should be getting are couple award and maybe popularity awards.Im fine with Jung Hae In getting excellence award though, like the one Kang Ha Neul got last year.

      • if suzy and ljs will only be getting that, i think ljs will not attend, he seems to have too much pride, i don’t know just an observation, add to that he is in yg, they have too much pride,just an opinion, no hate lol

    • I don’t think WYWS is going to take home any acting awards at SBS. Not with Defendant, Whisper and several better-reviewed/better rated dramas ahead of it.

      It’s just not the commercial success SBS hoped for, and neither did it get the levels of buzz Pinocchio did. And I actually liked Pinocchio, the OTP had great chemistry and it was the drama that brought Yoon Kyun Sang to the national spotlight.

      • lol you forget sbs has many awards – top excellence and excellence awards in fantasy, rom-com, serial etc. they will probably give both ljs and suzy top excellence award in fantasy genres, if both are attending.

    • @prettyautumn MBC actually started screwing up their awards from way back.Like how they awarded Song Seung Hun a co-daesang with Kim Myung Min in 2008????.Or how they award Han Ga In top excellent actress for moon embracing the sun, over Ha Ji Won for the King 2 Hearts in 2012!!

      • OH YEAH, almost forgot that Song Seung Heon Daesang. The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. HGI I can understand that she got top excellence from Moon-Sun because they looked at the ratings, probably. But her acting was so bad she got overshadowed by the child actresses there lol

  3. In all fairness, the tv stations that actually DID VERY WELL this year happened to be JTBC and OCN. Putting aside overrated Goblin since peoole pretty much swallowed whatever thrash thrown by the overrated KES, TvN also did quite poorly with LUTYN netting the highest ratings at only close to 7%. Hwayungi set to be big but that would be considered in 2018. SBS at least has Defendant almost breaking 30%, so I have no doubt Ji Sung will get Daesang and I am not complaining cos he definitely deserving of it. I am actually hoping the cable tv would hold their own respective awards ceremony.

      • Ya. TvN still churned out some quality dramas this year but my comment earlier was referring to ratings since ratings is the ultimate end game when come to awards ceremonies in Korea. It is always popularity contest. Secret Forest doing fairly well and made it to become the 3 highest rated dramas for TvN this year since the station’s viewership this year is considerably low compare to the previous years.

    • I think the real winner this year is OCN that had a consistent performance. JTBC only had 2 hit dramas by the same writer and TVN had a better performance last year. Cable doesn’t hold awards show as far as I recall. TVN only did one last year because of the 10 year anniversary.

      • Ya i know. Tvn only held once to celebrate their 10th year, and that was why i said “i am hoping” ?
        Agree with you. OCN really on a roll, first with Voice, then ofc Tunnel, Save Me doing decent enough and now Black though the rating is dropping.

      • Black ratings go up and down but basically stay above 3 and they even got an extension. Personally I love the show and its getting good feedback in Korea. I’m more excited for what OCN has to offer in 2018 than any other station. They’ve made a good niche for themselves.

  4. Its really sad for the actors who put in all the effort throughout the year and won’t be able to receive the requisite reward for it. Maybe the networks can come to some sort of agreement and still hold the awards.

  5. KBS confirmed they were having their drama awards, I’m glad because it means Fight My Way will be honoured and hopefully my girl Kim Ji Won will win an acting award.

    • FMW created a buzz and had relatively good ratings, meaning it was well rated considering the current ratings. FMW was talked about both in Korea and outside. I’m sure that KJW and PSJ will get awarded deservingly.

  6. Latest update Lee Bo Young and Shin Dong Yup will MC this year’s SBS drama awards.I much prefer Shin Dong Yup as MC than Lee Hwi Jae.LHJ screwed up last year to say the least.Also if Lee Bo Young is attending that means hopefully they have something in store for her.Its gonna be cute if she will have to interview her husband at some point, or her and Lee Sang Yoon winning best couple and Ji Sung being teased about that.

    • Lee Bo Young in whisper was great but the drama itself was round-round with the plot. Will they give best couple to 3-4 couples again? They should call it best couples award.

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