SBS Drama Nothing to Lose Becomes Judge vs Judge and Ready For Wed Premiere

I feel like SBS Wed-Thurs dramas just blended together as the newly arriving one formerly known as Nothing to Lose but now has the English title of Judge vs. Judge is straight up a continuation of predecessor drama While You Were Sleeping, minus the fantasy element of dreaming about the future. There’s the judicial bench, crimes to be prosecuted, and everyone dressing in snazzy legal outfits. Starring Yeon Woo Jin and Park Eun Bin as the leads both playing young judges on the Korean court, he’s the methodical brainy one and she’s the fiery klutzy one, fitting the usual opposites attract setup of K-dramas but at least no neither is super rich or dirt poor. The above poster looks nice but the two below showing the cast in court are too awful for words. While You Were Sleeping was an unmitigated ratings disappointment for the network vis-a-vis the hype and star power so who knows maybe Judge vs. Judge will rustle up more ratings.

Preview for Judge vs Judge:


SBS Drama Nothing to Lose Becomes Judge vs Judge and Ready For Wed Premiere — 12 Comments

  1. Im super curious why yeon woojin always got a project even after the repetitive low rating dramas? Mostly actor with low rating dramas would move to cable tv but he stays in big 3. Wonder why…

    But well, the line up cast isnt my fave. But i probably give it a try. Lately i fall for unexpected dramas golden life and black. So… Lets see how this one works.

      • I can’t recall a single drama of his post MND doing well. I wonder why he always picks unpopular projects or maybe he really is limited as an actor. This might be his last chance to prove himself. The only actress I felt he had chemistry with was HG maybe he needs to reunite with her to get another hit.

  2. viewers will tune in, both leads are good actor, i hope they’ll score 10+% ratings and have a good and solid start because when november ends their rivals are crazy~

    ps: i could finally comment after 10 try, wonder why

  3. At this point he’s basically a failed actor. To think he has the nerve to go up against YSH and KRW! What is he even thinking.

  4. I love Yeon Woo-jin and want to see him have a bonafide hit, but I do think he lacks the star power to rise above an unsuitable co-star, shoddy writing/directing, unfortunate scheduling, strong competition, or just general poor luck. It’s a shame since I think he’s a skilled actor.

  5. You can’t possibly think he’s better than YSH, KRW, JCW or even YJG. He’s just better than Hally half baked like LMH, LJS and PBG. He doesn’t have the actual acting talent to go up against real actors. Even a big name like PMY couldn’t help his career. He doesn’t deserve lead roles anymore.

  6. Watched episode 1 and 2
    All the time i shouted oh this is nonsense, wth , wtf ???
    i know it’s drama but should use some LOGIC
    I really don’t like this
    I will stay away from this

  7. Anyone who hate Yeo Woo Jin has low self esteem. He is a good and successful actor who is exploring his abilities in different parts.
    He should be praised for his works. If you don’t like one of his roles,
    remember he is just playing a part.

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