Third Preview for Black Knight Piles on the Moody Imagery and Sneak Peek at Sageuk Scenes

I’m still not sure what to expect from upcoming KBS romantic melo-fantasy drama Black Knight, other than all the teasers and promo pictures make it seem like the cast is filming a music video rather than a drama. It harkens back to the overkill visuals of the early Hallyu drama days as pioneered by the seasons dramas, think Winter Sonata where the backdrop and weather was as much a character to the proceedings as the actual characters. For Black Knight I get tons of autumnal cues and this latest third teaser has everyone looking moody as heck. Shin Se Kyung wanders around looking lost and scared, seriously like a personification of her real life limitations as an actress faced with a scene she needs to properly emote, and Kim Rae Won is smexy as shit and that’s about all I can get because the narrative is being kept so opaque. We finally see second female lead Seo Ji Hye presiding over the proceedings like the regal queen she is, and quick cuts to sageuk scenes that set the stage for the leads reincarnated centuries spanning romance.

3rd teaser for Black Knight:


Third Preview for Black Knight Piles on the Moody Imagery and Sneak Peek at Sageuk Scenes — 13 Comments

  1. I strongly feel like Seo Ji Hye will shine in this and that the sageuk part will be better than the modern part. I want to believe that SSK has improved too but the preview alone reminds me too much of her Yoon So Ah character…

  2. It has finally drawn upon me that Kim Rae Won has never done a sageuk before. So it’s going to be like Goblin where Gong Yoo doing a sageuk, though briefly for the first time. And the whole sageuk thing reminded me of the two pretty much shitty dramas I watched/skimmed watch last year, LOTBS and Goblin where the sageuk part being the interrsting bits of why I endured the hell torture of watching.

    • Jun Ji Hyun had never done a saeguk before LOTBS as well. They all looked best in saeguk. This drama is a little Gobliny in the teasers.

  3. Seriously, in an alternate universe where SSK was a fantastic actress, I would’ve been counting seconds until this drama airs. I totally agree with the MV vibe but even so, reincarnation is one of my most favourite trope. I actually believe the deep, undying, unwavering connection of fates/tragic love that spans different life times. It always somehow gets me. I loooooooved Reaper/Sunny’s love story because of that and I’m also one of those rare creatures who loves GFB, Arang and Rooftop Prince’s ending.

    But Kdramas rarely deal with reincarnation as a story of its own. It only ever shows up at the end of everything. The fact that Goblin and LOBS did it as a whole probably started a trend. I really didn’t enjoy LOBS somehow despite loving MLFTS but Goblin was epic. And I want this to be too. Except we come back to the SSK issue and I just don’t want to bother.

  4. if the script is great and direction is strong shin se kyung will do fine as evident in 6fd and twdr.

    my most anticipated drama, beautiful scenery,intriguing premise,gorgeous actresses plus Kim rae won hardly disapoint in choosing hit drama.

    itching very much to watch this

    • Kim Rae Won rarely disappoint.
      But Shin Se Kyung is not a natural actress and it’s no longer an excuse to expect a good PD to guide her in order to bring out the best in her when she’s been acting for so long.
      I would not mind the music video feel of this drama but I would at least feel excited should they cast a stronger actress, someone matching of KRW’s charisma. Say Shin Min Ah, or elevate Seo Ji Hye to leading lady status.

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