Top Stars Attend 2017 Golden Horse Awards and Shu Qi Wins the Fashion Red Carpet Yet Again

Taiwan’s biggest movie awards night was this weekend with the 54th annual Golden Horse Awards, feting the best of cinematic achievements in 2017. I haven’t watched a lick of Taiwan or Mainland awards worthy movies this year so I was watching solely for the fashion and it didn’t disappoint despite not having as many actresses walking the red carpet as previous years. Once again top star Shu Qi won the night with a golden hued lace beaded down with an open front plunging neckline with top collar that somehow didn’t look outre when she wore it. She was glowing and ravishing, showing how to dress for an awards banquet without being boring. Another look I loved was Ariel Lin who wore black but the style was feminine and unique, pairing nicely with her shorter hair and statement earrings. Color remained prevalent with Zhou Dong Yu’s yellow confection a welcome pop of brightness that evening.


Top Stars Attend 2017 Golden Horse Awards and Shu Qi Wins the Fashion Red Carpet Yet Again — 13 Comments

  1. This is how you do it Korea! seriously, korean red-carpet is very lackluster compartively. And not for the lack of money right? at least I don’t think so….

  2. Definitely better than the snooze-fest parade of black and bridal white at Korean red carpets. My only complaint is the excessive display of cleavage and ample bossoms.

  3. Mmmm my earlier comment got deleted. Is it on purpose or??? I was commenting Shu Qi looks gorgeous and she was the best dressed. Ariel looks like the dress is wearing her. I don’t think she suits gothic concept. Dong Yu (is that her name?) also looks awesome in the yellow dress, she’s next to Sandra Ma.

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