Moon Lovers Lead Lee Jun Ki Attends EXO Concert to Support Close Costar Baekhyun

Out of the detritus of the failed K-drama remake of Chinese romance time-travel novel Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling with Each Step) comes friendships and even lasting memories of performances that worked despite the failure of the greater construct. Two of the brotherly leads of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo recently showed their closeness in real life when 4th Prince Lee Jun Ki went to the EXO concert to support 10th Prince Baekhyun. It’s even cuter because Lee Jun Ki is himself an idol singer and in this picture totally looks like he could put on a mike and join Baekhyun onstage at any moment. They’ve hung out in other times and this real life friendship helps temper the still lingering disappointing of Moon Lovers having all the tools to be a good drama and squandering it who thoroughly.


Moon Lovers Lead Lee Jun Ki Attends EXO Concert to Support Close Costar Baekhyun — 16 Comments

  1. Lee Jun Ki an idol singer?????

    Moon Lovers may be remembered by many as a failed drama but the fanbase is large and strong. It may very well cemented itself as a cult-classic. Despite the lackluster result of ML, I still love it mainly for Lee Jun Ki because he is so damn good in it. The drama is a hot mess but Lee Jun Ki is hot as hell from the beginning till the end. That is one of his performances that I really love for being so passionate.

    I hope he come back with a good drama next year. The same thing that I have been hoping and wishing for him year after year. He is a great actor and it is such a waste that he kept getting tied up in really lousy projects. I hope he no longer blacklisted, getting himself more selection and venture into other genre.

  2. @alexa??? I choked too.Since when did Lee Jun Ki become an idol singer?Yes, when he is off-duty(not acting) he is a very good dancer and can sing too, but thats only for his fans.He also has a thing for stylish casual/street fashion when he is not attending formal events.But he has always insisted on being viewed as a professional actor.Thats it.

    These two have a very sweet relationship.Its so cute whenever they interact.Be it talk shows, instagram etc.In such a cutt throat and competitive industry, its nice to see them cheering for each other.One gets a mentor and cheerleader, the other gets a ray of sunshine and friend.

    • hmm he is not a idol singer but still his songs sell well in japan china and korea.i saw his post on insta about his album ranking first on japanese charts beating infinite and other artists.well he does not promote but still his songs sell. once typed top 100 singers of korea and stangely lee joon gi was there in the list lol

  3. When will LJG comeback in drama again? I just miss his screen presence. And I agree with you @alexa ML is my life drama mainly because of him. He is my mysterius actor. He says he is not mysterious but but he is for me and an interesting personality very rare.

    • I don’t think Lee Joon Gi did totally lost time. He did one drama a year. Because he’s dramas are marketable overseas especially Japan, drama producers have banked on him despite the blacklisting.

      I read a Korean write up about him the other day. It was mentioned—(that) despite the slowing down of Hallyu overseas, Lee Joon Gi still one of the actors who is enjoying his popular. And you noticed, his dramas are timeless. e.g. Iljimae— imagine for a 2008 drama, it premiered n Sri Lanka in 2016.

      However, I’d say one of the reasons why he didn’t do a Korean movie since 2008… was because of him being on the blacklist. Unlike with drama production which has a broader market (international), movie production relies mainly on the Korean market. For him to be involved in a movie production during those times was risky for the producers and for himself. I guess it’s the reason he didn’t get involve in a Korean movie production for more almost 10 years.

  4. Does anyone know if LJK still blacklisted by corrupt government or not? Its been almost a decade they play dirty with him…he lost a lot of time pffftt?!! I really feel bad for him. ?

  5. Even with influx of so many new actors and comeback actors, I still love Lee Jun Ki the most. He is such a genuinely passionate and talented actor and so very sincere towards his fans. That is why I wish for nothing but the best for him. Really pray that he will net a good role next year and I am so wishing for his return on my tv screen real real soon.

  6. Not a failed drama in my book compared to disaster dramas of this year like strong woman do bong soon, hwarang and suspicious partner.

  7. Moon Lovers is like a cult classic now. People tend to remember it and talk about it and even criticize it more than the juvenile bore that is Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

  8. Failed? To educate the writer:
    KBS POV- may not be as what they expected but the drama peaked at at least 11% which means there revenue must still be more than breakeven.

    For Producers POV—-
    China: Youku bought the drama for $400,000 per episode the highest price ever for kdrama.
    Mango tv for undisclosed price

    Japan(It’s I think is more stable market than China)
    2016 itself—- the drama was shown in 3 different media.
    Right now—- it it scheduled to run in and different portal between Dec 2017-Jan 2018

    Romania – currently on air

    For the writer: Sometimes it pays to read other materials for education. Don’t stick too much on fake news and media play write ups.

  9. Moon Lovers is The Drama for me.. The one and only.. And Wang So is my most beloved character ever… Nothing, no one can beat them.. That’s why I ‘m still watching the drama.. Cause my life is not complete without it! And I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling like this… The amount of love received from many fans can be proved if you want to research a little…
    And this friendship is really sweet, the way they support each other is so heartwarming…
    I miss Joon Gi so much… Can’t wait for his next project… My real actor…

  10. His caption was so lovely and sweet too >< apparently joonki kept waving his lightstick and stayed all the way till encore stages! Thats really sweet of him 🙂

  11. To educate the writer, Moon Lovers was not a remake of the Chinese Tv dramA but rather an adaption of the novel by Tong Hua.

    I watched both dramas…. totally different interpretations. I hope next time you write a more intelligent article.

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