Adorable Drama Posters and More Previews for MBC Romance I Am Not a Robot

Some weeks feel longer than others and same goes for the wait for upcoming K-dramas. MBC‘s next Wed-Thurs drama I am Not a Robot has been incubation for much longer than usual, four extra weeks to be precise after Hospital Ship ended but the network was still mired in a labor strike. Sadly today doesn’t end the drought as viewers will have to wait until next week on December 6th to check out Yoo Seung Ho‘s first foray into rom-com drama territory. Today we did get the official drama posters and it’s just adorable enough to overlook the lack of much creativity. Yoo Seung Ho plays the chaebol with a human allergy yet still longing for love, and Chae Soo Bin is the human girl roped into pretending to be a robot to interact with him. The new teasers are also really fun, showing both leads bringing to life their respective characters, and even the inklings of chemistry in the few scenes together.

I am Not a Robot previews:


Adorable Drama Posters and More Previews for MBC Romance I Am Not a Robot — 12 Comments

  1. Chemistry is quite evident. I love it! YSH really needs to be paired with actresses very close to his age. I didn’t really think much of him with KSH. But despite her lack of acting skills, when they were together, Yoon Sohee and him were magic on screen in Ruler.

    Such an adorable couple. This is exciting!!

  2. No problem with the two male leads.
    Surprisingly from the teaser Chae Soo Bin seems pretty good.
    Let’s see how it goes come 6 December.

  3. omg it looks so sweet. I can’t believe I’m saying this bc I don’t go for rom-com, but I’m enjoying the previews so far. I’m tired of all the legal and journalistic stuff.

  4. have a good feeling about this pair. Even she is not very good actress at the moments, i feel like she gonna succeed like Hwang Jung Eum. She is very hardworking.

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