January 2018 New Wed-Thurs K-dramas Return and Mother Off to Strong Ratings Start

I’ve been mostly out of commission since the new year so haven’t watched any new K-drama in a few weeks. I’m trying to finish up I am Not a Robot (so nonsensical but sweet) and Hwayugi (entertaining but inconsistent) but two high profile new releases this month have both started off promising already. SBS Wed-Thurs police thriller Return with Go Hyun JungLee Jin Wook, and Shin Sung Rok has already leaped to the front of the time slot ratings, with the second week’s episodes reaching 15% in ratings in a surprising sign of strength.

The drama premiered with 6.7% and 8.5% AGB for the first two episodes (it’s a two episode a night schedule) and now in the fourth night of airing this Thursday’s episodes 7 and 8 brought in 12.7% and 15.2% AGB nationwide ratings respectively. Same time slot competition former ratings leader Black Knight hit it’s high point in ratings at 13.2% AGB in episode 8 and since then has down trended with the most recent episode 16 taking in only 8.6% ratings. Over on cable network tvN, Lee Bo Young‘s new drama Mother premiered this week at 2.952% for episode 1 and the second night garnered 3.494% for episode 2. Both Return and Mother are darker fare and with Robot done the Wed-Thurs slot will remain serious for the time being.