C-actress Crystal Liu Cast in Coveted Role of Mulan in the Upcoming Big Budget Disney Live-action Movie

Now this is what I call a legit huge casting news – after months of casting calls and a worldwide search, Disney has cast C-actress Crystal Liu (Liu Yi Fei) in the titular role of Mulan for the upcoming live-action remake. The Disney live-action remakes of it’s own animated movies have been blockbusters for the company, with Jungle Book, Cinderella, and most recently Beauty and the Beast all being hits. Coming up next is the live-action Aladdin and Lion King, both of which have been cast with actors and actresses that the company has taken great lengths to be culturally sensitive. That meant when news about announced about Mulan the hue and cry was that it had to be an Asian actress, and now Disney has gone one better and cast a Mainland Chinese actress for the role of a Chinese historical female warrior who brought great honor to her family and country when she goes to fight for her sick father in the war. Congrats to Crystal for landing this role, what a great honor indeed.

China has also done a live-action Mulan about a decade ago starring Zhao Wei as the female lead, but the Disney remake will be in English so Crystal was likely cast because of her English skills on top of her looks and acting ability.


C-actress Crystal Liu Cast in Coveted Role of Mulan in the Upcoming Big Budget Disney Live-action Movie — 56 Comments

  1. I am sooo happy for her she is my favorite actress and she does Historical movies very well. I can’t wait for them to announce the male lead. Ugh tears of joy

  2. Is she the C-actress who is Song Seung Heon’s girlfriend? Or that is someone else?

    Anyway great that Disney casted a Chinese for Mulan.

  3. They did say they were looking for a Chinese star, not just Asian. It won’t seat well with the Chinese audience if they cast someone of a different nationality. I did not expect Crystal Liu but congrats to her. She’s been in so many awful movies so hopefully this one will turn her career around. I mean, this is BIG. It’ll solidify her status as China next international star after Zhang Ziyi (whom I had expected to land this role instead).

      • However, in terms of English fluency Crystal is better. She is also younger so more suited for the role. Zhang Ziyi has moved on, she is motherly now.

    • I kinda hoped for Zhang Ziyi too, she’s one of my all time favorite actresses, but she has aged and the role of Mulan really fits to an younger actress. Plus I think Liu Yifei is fluent in English and much more capable than any Scarlets or Emmas.

  4. Pls let mark chao be general shangggg..pls pls pls disneyyyyyyyyy..it will be awesomeeee :):):) n he’s fluent in eng n hv a great acting n his age is also on par with her..only my wishful thinkingg..

  5. Omg my childhood favorite! Thank God they didn’t give Mulan to Scarlet Johansson or Emma Stone.. or Jennifer Lawrence lol. I am so happy that they gave the role to an actual Asian and Chinese actress at that. I was going to get mad if they cast some white actress to portray Mulan.

    • Oh, an i heard they are not going to add general Shang to this live action, they are going to replace him 🙁 I really expected Wang Kai to be general Shang

      • @Daisy, I checked again from another source (IMDb) and Daniel Wu is going to be Li Shang

      • honestly i loved how they chose a chinese star but i feel they should choose some characters from other asian in the remaining roles.if you want to make it big why not bring in big names from taiwan japan korea or any other east asian countries. more diverse the casting more wider the audience.if they cast all chinese it will definetly be big in china but i want it to be big in entire asia.

  6. No problem with this casting at all ..the only down side is that as all the Disney live action “princess” films have been very very faithful to the animated films this will be very much a DISNEY film …
    BTW how the heck are they going to do a live action The Lion King …Are they using real lions???

  7. I saw this and thought of my friend, Koala!! If The Hand Towel gets cast somehow, too, that would be cool!

    But really, no Chang? Who is going to tell them to get down to business?

  8. Wow…they actually casted a real Chinese and not just an asian. Well…if this is true then this is great news. I was wondering if they would offer it to Vicki Zhou Wei….since she was a great Mulan in the movie. Well…this is a live action Mulam movie that is a must see for me now.

  9. Disney made a smart decision in choosimg a popular movie actress for Mulan as it will also be a box office hit in China. Zhou Wei’s Mulan version was a big hit, all the best to Liu Yi Fei, her career seems to get higher and higher and is now crossing borders with a major leading role on Hollywood. Hopefully, this is a start to seeing more companies casting Chinese artists in Hollywood films.

    • yes if Hollywood starts producing more films aiming only at the Chinese market. Make sense to cast Chinese artists in Asian characters, Mulan is based on a Chinese legend. Will Disney cast Chinese artists as Cinderella or Belle… just wondering? I don’t foresee any major change in regular North American Hollywood films… unless some hugh monies from Chinese investors, but those films probably won’t be promoted outside of China… just saying…

      • Yes, I know Mulan is a great Chinese Legend as I learned it growing up having to go to Chinese School everyday after my normal public school. Mulan is a very symbolic figure in the Chinese culture. I agree that Hollywood should still hire people based on ability. I would also assume if Disney did not cast someone of Chinese descent, there would have been a mass uproar. There are so many Hong Kong actresses that were ABC’s or CBC’s that I am not sure why they did not auditiom it…..Actually I was also thinking they would have given the Mulan to Lucy Liu, since she is much more well known in America.

      • Crystal Liu is a classic beauty, she is well received by the mainstream Chinese audience and her English is ok, so I think she fits Mulan the best. No ABC’s or CBC’s is as famous as Crystal in China…. I don’t think but I don’t know too many Chinese actresses… Lucy Liu is old and she is mean-looking (no offense, but I cannot see her as Mulan)… 🙂

      • I was impressed by her classical beauty and acting talent exuded in The Glorious Tan Dynasty and The Great Wall…..Crystal is pretty but she always bores me with her acting….

      • are you kidding? She needs her family’s clout and connection? lol… no wonder she did not get the role… hahaha… still no one has told me why she is a better fit?? just curious…

      • International fans are surprised to hear about JY’s powerful connections. Do you think she can score all those big movies with big directors with her skill and level?

  10. Lmao ok. I wish her luck and whatever magical force that would help her acting ability improve leaps and bounds to do this role justice.

    • To be honest, I’m a bit worried about whether she can really do the role as well since her acting skill is not that great. Plus, I think she is a little old for the role at age 30. The character of Mulan is a teenager, so I was hoping for someone under 25. I’ve not heard her speak English, so I’m hoping that she really is fluent and her accent would be slight. On the plus side, I’ve heard her action skills are good and her dance background will be a plus. I understand why Disney went with her as they would benefit more from an actress with an established fan base in China, since they want to tap into that market, rather than going with a younger unknown person.

      • The biggest reason they cast her because she is influent in english and martial arts and dance as well as her popularity in China.
        ACting is another story

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