Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin Have Classic Rom-com Chemistry in Latest Preview for I am Not a Robot

This week is the premiere of new MBC Wed-Thurs K-drama I am Not a Robot, which definitely is K-drama style rom-com as far as I can tell. Even better is that this one has elements of the kooky, unlike the last so-called rom-com I watched This Life is My First which had a few laugh out loud moments but overall the drama was introspective and quiet so the comedy element wasn’t really there. Here there is leading lady Chae Soo Bin pretending to be a robot girl, and leading man Yoo Seung Ho looking handsome as heck on the outside but a super fraidy cat inside due to his human allergy. And I’m think he’s maybe only allergic to girls since he gets along with his human butler and second male lead Eom Ki Joon as the mad scientist to “creates” the robot girl for him. The latest preview still hits the nail on the energy and laughs, I can’t wait for this drama to finally arrive!

Latest preview for I am Not a Robot:


Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin Have Classic Rom-com Chemistry in Latest Preview for I am Not a Robot — 7 Comments

  1. The story is not appealing to me. So maybe I will check but not sure to watch it.

    For the robot theme, I’m more curious about Are You Human Too ?

  2. People were complaining about Chae Soo Bin being the female lead but she’s way better at acting than Lee Jong Suk (his acting is honestly cringy) but when he gets acting roles, people get excited lol

  3. I just don’t get how chae soo bin got upgraded to female lead status, I’ve seen her in cheer up, love in the moonlight, rebel, and strongest delivery man and she sucked in all of them. She isn’t even average or passable at acting she is straight up cringe worthy. There are so many younger female stars who can actually act I don’t get how she keeps getting so many jobs. If it’s just because she is pretty there are tons of pretty actresses her age out there. And what sucks is because yoo seung ho is a ratings guarantee people will continue to keep casting her in the future. Ugh

  4. This makes me excited. Hope chemistry is there between Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin. For me Chae Soo Bin isnt letting her guard down so her acting comes across as acting. She should let go of that guard and be herself and immerse in to the role. Then she is gonna be so good.

  5. It’s actually funny to come to this post and see how much egg is on the face of everyone who was trashing Chae Soo Bin for taking this role lol.

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