Hyun Bin and Kang Sora Break Up After One Year of Dating

This one lasted for a year but oh what an underwhelming relationship it was to cover from a media standpoint. News reports coming out today are saying that K-stars Hyun Bin and Kang Sora have broken up, and their respective agencies followed swiftly with confirmation of the relationship end. They starting dating in late 2016 and while they weren’t necessarily viewed as likely to end in marriage this is still rather unexpected to break up now. Both sides have been extremely low key in discussing the other if ever at all, and recently Kang Sora was busy filming drama Revolutionary Love while Hyun Bin was out promoting his movie The Swindlers, so if you said these two put careers over spending quality time together I’d believe it. Now I just wonder as to Hyun Bin’s romantic end game – his most famous ex-girlfriend Song Hye Kyo found her own happily ever after with Song Joong Ki – so will Hyun Bin marry late like Lee Byung Hun and Jang Dong Gun, or end up eternally an eligible bachelor like Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae.


Hyun Bin and Kang Sora Break Up After One Year of Dating — 67 Comments

  1. Why do celebrities continue dating each other? The odds of it working are almost zero..You really limit your self to find someone special by dating like this not to say wasting time disallusionment and emotional damage thinking that your partner is like everyone else in the world. Dont do it guys its not a real relationship with a real stable mature person.Find someone you can grow with not stagnate with.

    • It’s because of satisfying emotional and physical needs. In short, physical and emotional intimacy. Do they have to just sit legs closed and wait for their dream man/woman to come and marry them off while not dating in between? dating and breaking up is completely normal, not every relationship will work. It’s incredible how delulu some fans can be and expect these actors to be perfect.

    • It’s very difficult for actors/actresses to meet normal people or trust them. Despite their glamor, they live a very cloistered/limited life, with most of their acquaintances from the same circle, i.e., other stars/actors.

    • It’s because they’re around other actors and actresses for the most part. You gravitate to people who understand you and can appreciate the passion you have for your career. I liken it to doctors marrying othe doctors or nurses. Those are tough relationships to maintain due to career, but it happens often because they’re the people who understand what that career is like. Then again, there are some who look for partners in careers that are very different from theirs so they’re lives don’t revolve around the same time consuming career and their partner can pick up the slack when the job gets too demanding.

  2. I wonder how couples announce their breakup. Do they go “hey we broke up” to the media and they will report it? Or do reporters stalk them and realize they no longer meet each other?

    • yeah me too, since both are busy they may not be going out so often so nobody will notice if they havent seen them tog. unless u are close to both of them, it must be fr. any of the parties involve, who put out 1st a rumor then they just confirm it.

  3. This couple is so low key that people would have forgotten they were dating.

    It would be interesting to see who Hyun Bin would marry if he gets married at all.

  4. There are a lot of publicly eligible single korean actors out there. Hyun Bin is in the same age group as Lee Jun Ki, Kim Nam Gil, Jo In Sung, Joo Ji Hoon, Lee Dong Wook and they are all mighty hotttt. Which made me wonder when they will finally settle down? And I noticed Korean actors tend to marry fellow actors too.

  5. Celebrities couples are generally train wrecks waiting to happen…Most dont show maturity or life experience or selfless consideration to show what is required to actually make it work.Thats a simple fact.

    • So in other words, celebs date just like regular people..? Except celebs have the added pressure of publicity. Not every relationship works and that’s a fact. There’s no point in trying to fix or save something if there are no feelings left.

  6. hwang ji hyun,song hye kyo,kang so ra so whose next? hyun bin should probably never public date again out of consideration for his next girlfriend if he is not that serious with her.

  7. It’s a fallacy to think that two celebrities dating will never work out. They both just need to be deeply committed to their relationship and have the right balance between work and private life. Both Korea and Hollywood have their examples of this. Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young are a good example, so is Rain and Kim Tae Hee; Sooyoung and Jung Kyung Ho and many others.

    I’ve seen cases where celebrities were actually burned by their non celebrity partners who didn’t realize the gravity of discretion and being private with their relationship, the way someone constantly in the public eye would.

    Hyun Bin and Kang So Ra never struck me as particularly compatible or well matched; they went public with their dating news too soon in their relationship; so this breakup is not so surprising and might probably be for the best.

    • News outlet broke the relationship news, there was no point to deny it. They didnt intend to go public. Most of relationship the broke out by news outlet end up break up this year.

    • Goo Hye-sun and Ahn Jae-hyun met while filming the vampire drama BLOOD and started dating when it ended its run. They married a year after and are not n the limelight as a married couple.

  8. @prettyautumn.if I remember correctly when the news of the breakup between Suzy and Lee min ho was announced,you wrote harshly of Lee min ho and his alledgelly womanizing ways but here you are saying its normal for people to date and breakup,I wonder why? is it because you don’t fancy Lee min ho or what because as far as I know lmh has dated publicly twice.

    • Dating is okay. Cheating is not, which is what Lee Min Ho did. He apparently two timed Park Min Young and she’s been closed of ever since their break up

      • Interesting. Do you have any evidence of this? I’m not a LMH fan by any means. I find him overrated and thought he treated PMY very shabbily. But what I understood of their relationship was that he didn’t stand by her when the public turned their backs on her for dating him, not that he cheated on her.

      • You are right to say that dating and breaking up is normal and expected. And it is true that celebrities’ relationships are none of our business. But how could you know the details of LMH’s life? You read about it on the internet?? You are the one he cheated with??

      • @Adal and louise, I know that LMH two-timing maybe a stretch but many k-netz have said that and I’ve read all PMY’s interviews regarding their relationship. Of course I don’t claim to know everything about their lives. However, I find PMY’s testaments very enlightening. LMH has never spoken about his relationships, never about PMY and never about Suzy either. PMY had to alone deal with everything. Suzy had to talk about their relationship while LMH didn’t say anything (except shook hands with JYP which was really embarrassing tbh). Besides, I find him to be a weirdo. He seems so juvenile the way he speaks and just reading his interviews, I get a picture of a man child. The way he and Suzy got together was very bizarre. According to Suzy’’s close friends, LMH tried to get her number and approach her multiple times. Then he invited her to Gangnam Blues premier and apparently after that day Suzy agreed to dating him and they started going out, even having dates in London. Dispatch caught them in London apparently and they were seen going to the same hotel together but according to LMH’s reps, they had separate rooms as LMH’s mom was with him (uhmm this was maybe to protect Suzy’s image lol). JYP’s stocks dropped a little but generally people cheered them, even saying how Suzy’s actually above LMH. But after that, it’s been silent on LMH’s part. Suzy spoke about them couple of times in varieties but that’s it. All I get from this is that LMH, in addition to being a terribly mediocre actor with overhyped looks, he’s a man child too.

      • *Dispatch caught them in Paris I meant to say, the city of lovers (and tourists, bad customer service, terrible food if it’s not haute cuisine, migrant beggars and rude people)

      • Wow, it’s so amazing that you know all the details of these celebrities’ personal lives. Almost like you just made it up or something.

      • you are so low and pahtetic. is it fun to hate someone as much as you do? writing here false “news” and pretending you now every detail of lmh life. how low. is it crime to date and break up only for lmh? his cheating on pmy is only your guesses or imigination and one more thing you don’t know anything abt lmh and his personality and stop spreading so much hate around

    • @prettyautumn, I’m sure they were caught in London. What I found hugely strange was that of all hotels in London they had to choose Shangri-La at The Shard (tallest building in Europe at the time) which I believe had just opened.

      • I was alternating between those two cities ’cause I was unsure. I have no idea why they were in those cities simultaneously. Maybe they combined work and fun.. anyway, LMH and Suzy matched because both of them suck at acting

    • That’s because @prettyautumn is a certified lmh hater and knows everything about him including the things which his manager or agency don’t know. So this one believes each & every rumor about lmh esp the bad ones. I think prettyautumn doesn’t know about his/her bias as much as he/she knows about lmh. Lol.
      Even hyun bin was rumored of dating ha ji won while he was in a relationship with shk. But no one knows the truth except them. So only thing you & I can do is to make assumptions according to our point of view. Haters will always believe bad rumors about their hated celebrity and bash them as much as possible. Stupid hatetrs!!!

  9. I kept reading netizen comments that they didn’t match. Entertainment industries are very small worlds so people you would never expect run in the same circles, get along well and fall for each other (and the public is not always aware). I can’t imagine k-ent is any different. It’s just so annoying to me when people say this about celebs, hell any couple they do not know personally and also do not know the personal going ons of their relationship. It’s another symptom of public ownership of celebrities taken too far.

    Basing how well a couple matches based on their appearance and/or their public personalities is just laughable. Also celebs date and break up all the time just like normal people, the only difference is they make headlines when they do so which makes people think they know what’s best for them.

    • In terms of star status they really don’t match. Hyun Bin is Hallyu status and he is also doing well in films but Kang Sora hasn’t really proven herself even in the drama section.

      • Please tell me how that really matters fundamentally to their relationship? If people are so hung up on their star status to think they don’t match, that’s their own narrow minded thinking. My point is, noone knows whether they truly match RELATIONSHIP WISE unless they know them personally. I guess i’m ridiculous for looking beyond their celeb status when it comes to their compatibility

      • u almost always see comments like they dont match everytime celebrity dating comes out, especially if the other is more known, like he or she can do better which is very annoying tbh.or they put article titles like (celebrities name)gf or bf, they have der own name why not put der name in the title.

  10. Hyun Bin isn’t that old yet! He should play the field until he finds one. His ex SSK married at a late age too, why can’t he? Eventually anyone can find someone, you just have to be certain of the person.

  11. It is true that very few celebrity relationships last…Based on the industry in korea and the lack of maturity i see as well as lack of loyalty and respect for women in that industry korean celebrities should be seeking partners outside the industry…true love is not limited and difficult to find in your own backyard.

  12. Not many normal people would want to be with a celebrity or marry…Life experiences and maturity would be far too different.
    Being with most of these celebrities would be like accomodating a child.

  13. Sorry HB maybe you want a relation that makes you famous again but Kang Sora doesnt add your popularity as popular as your relationship with your ex SHK. Let’s face it Songsong couple help each other popularity.

    • Lol stop mentioning kyo coz she doesn’t have anything to do with him anymore. You’re just making her and her fans look bad..and jsyk, sjk and shk got married because they love each other and not because they wanna stay relevant. They don’t need that.

    • @Shoooo are you serious?so you really think two grown 30+ year old individuals can make a lifetime commitment of marriage for a stupid reason like flimsy “popularity”?

      Also fans who drag other artists to lift their bias up are immature and pathetic with severe inferiority complex.Also Kang So Ra may not be hallyu level, like Song Song or even be on A-list like her now ex,but does that mean her worth and dignity as a person is lower than them because of that?Please grow up and mature.

    • Haha!!! Hyun bin doesn’t need a high profile gf to be popular, ’cause he is already a hallyu star. And he can improve his popularity on his own. It’s not that he became popular because of shk. So her status has nothing to do with his popularity.

  14. I believe true love crosses all boundaries and not limited to race background position or place in life.If we choose to limit that special one to one place in life we never truly find what we may be looking for. Keep your heart and mind open and than you will find that special one often when and where you least expect them..Every single person is looking for that special one.

  15. Korean celebrities seem to take the hollywood pretence to a higher level.Its because its a new found toy i guess..The celebrity thing is still fairly new to korean and Asian culture generally.

    • Lmao what? The celebrity culture is not ’new’ thing in Asia. Hong Kong, India, Japan and many other Asian countries have had a prolific film industries for decades. Just slightly younger than Hollywood, but they’ve had the celebrity culture that is older than your parents and grandparents.

      • Not to the extent it is now and based etirely on american and western culture.Korea is very small in world entertainment due to language.

  16. I believe the celebrity-celebrity relationships can work out fine just like celebrity-non celebrity relationships. The thing that matter most is what kind of person your partner is not what their profession is.
    Especially in the Korean industry long term relationships are uncommon and successful marriages are rarity. There are very few actors whom name I can think on top of my head like Cha Seung Won, Cha Tae Hyun and Jang Hyuk who are with their women for a long time and who also happen to experience parenthood.
    One thing that is common in above three examples is all of them married non-celebrities and they are non-glamorous simple looking women but they were not only fair weather friends. They were there for their husbands in the worst days. I think such experiences gave those men the maturity and they value what they have got in their lives instead of running after fake glitter.

    • Jisung and Lee Bo-young met on the set of a drama, became friends then 7 years later started dating as a couple. Their relationship lasted for more than 5 years, then they married after LBY finished I Hear Your Voice. They now have a child.
      They are both such good actors and my wish is that they do a drama together ?

      • Offcourse I like Ji Sung-Lee Bo Young couple and this confirms my view that it doesn’t matter whom you are dating but what matters most is how much willing both of the partners are for the commitment. And it doesn’t necessarily has to be a celebrity. When Ji Sung started seeing Lee Bo Young he wasn’t considered a big star like now and LBY was apperhensive of dating a celebrity but still she dated him because of his personality. The couples I’ve mentioned in my earlier comment are together for 15 or more years and I think Ji Sung and LBY will also last long.

  17. Let’s just accept that certain relationship simply not meant to be. We can’t tell what actually happened and led to the break up. They obviously have no problem moving on.

    • @OMG I know right.Its easy to be making “armchair psychology” on celebrity relationships and yapping about this and that.But the fact is, even though we are all human and breathe same air and under the same sky.Their world is different from ours.

      The highs and lows of celebrities and their way of dealing with their life situations, cannot be the same as us regular folks.We cannot understand them because we are not in their shoes.Just wish them well in their individual path and keep it moving.

  18. The world is different for everyone but the challenges arent…Celebrities tend to get an easier ride in one way but sucumb to more difficulties in life due to that.Evident by celebrity sicides.

  19. By the time celebs decide they want to settle down its often too late and all due to putting career first. Marriage needs to be selfless and putting a career ahead of love is not a good recipe for finding what your looking for in relationships.Celebrity and its ego will get in the way which is poison in the relationship.

    • Why settle down and let relationship hinder the thing that you truly love to do acting/singing) then? They were simply not meant to be. DP busted them, it’s not oike they wanted to purposely tell about their relationship. Jeez people on this website are talking like if a celeb is in a public relationship then they MUST marry. Otherwise they’re soulless wannabe hollywood scandalous sluts lol

  20. Her we go pretty autumn once again commenting on others comments without actually having constructive comments herself….She should start a dear abby column and expert on everthing…She is a real painn in the ass.

    • Well I’m right, baby. Just read my comments and you’ll see that I’ve got actual message in them. That’s the gospel 🙂

      • Uh you need validation that much? Because most of it sounds like farce. No one can take you seriously when you branded yourself as a hater and attention seeker on this site.

  21. Hyun Bin can date and break up with whomever he wants without having to justify it. He is a fully grown man. And if he never gets married that’s for him to choose not his ‘public’ .

  22. The longer you leave it the less likely….Not getting any younger and the chance may well pass him than he will regreat it…A reputation also .

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