Black Knight Notches Solid Win as I am Not a Robot Malfunctions in Ratings

The K-viewers have spoken the melo remains King of the K-drama ratings, at least for the foreseeable next 8 weeks in the Wed-Thurs time slot. Despite being neck and neck with yesterday’s airing, this Thursday saw KBS fantasy melodrama Black Knight solidly come in first place with 9.3% AGB ratings, followed by Judge vs. Judge (Nothing to Lose) with 7.1% and 8.2%, with poor MBC rom-com I am Not a Robot shutting down with viewers dropping to 3.0% and 3.1%. I adored the first day episodes of Robot and so did the early reviews coming in so this isn’t quite like Manhole with poor feedback from the start, but Robot does have a wildly far-fetched premise and a lack of urgency or stakes. I never feel anything bad will happen so it’s just enjoying the handsomeness of Yoo Seung Ho and the surprisingly charming Chae Soo Bin. It’s a frothy watch for sure and I’m looking forward to catching up on both episodes of Black Knight this weekend to see what the excitement is about and get swept up in the fantasy and intensity.


Black Knight Notches Solid Win as I am Not a Robot Malfunctions in Ratings — 84 Comments

  1. Ssk did matters which hesitate viewers to watch. Feel pity for YSH, it’s discouraging rating. But tvn, Prison Playbook do really well.

  2. Pretty sure Robot do so badly because there are two strong competitors in Prison Playbook and Black Knight already. Because there’s nothing wrong with the script nor acting.

  3. Yoo Seung Hoo is the complete package of looks,talent and popularity but he needs to learn how to pick better dramas. Not saying that all his drama choices were terrible but they lack a certain Zing that completely wins over the audience and give him the success he deserves.

    Other actors and actresses with lesser talent have managed to give hits after hits solely based on their right drama choices.

  4. I’m always in the mood for a drama like Robot and I can’t wait to watch. I hope the cast and crew aren’t too discouraged. Couldn’t care less about ratings except when it’s this low but I’m not sure if MBC will cut down episodes with YSH as lead but who knows.

    Good to hear Knight isn’t a hot mess like I feared but I hope it at least an entertaining watch.

    Also is anyone watching Money Flower? I’m thinking of checking it out for Jang Hyuk but I haven’t heard much about it.

    • JH is great in his role and he has a nice hairstyle after so many years. That drama is not my cup of tea but there are some people who are thoroughly enjoying it. Soompi thread is lively with the viewers. Actors and director are good but as usual the writing sucks.
      But still it is a good choice for JH becsuse it’s getting decent ratings and after his last main network drama Beautiful Mind revieved episode cut it must be a respite for him. In Korean dramas it’s rarity to see good actors with either decent co-actress or a decent writer.
      If you are planning to check it out it’s a revenge melodrama snd the main character is dark anti-hero. There are some beautifully shot scenes too.

      • Thanks, I just finished the first episode and enjoyed it. I thought the writing was pretty good but you’ve probably watched more than I have. I will try to hang on even if it falls apart for Jang Hyuk, he’s awesome in this role so far.

    • I’m loving Money Flower. I don’t usually watch this kind of drama but I was bored on a Saturday, just got addicted to it after watching the first 2 episodes. Just give it a try.

      • I’m loving Money Flower! This is the best of Jang Hyuk after so many years! Really good.

      • I just finished the first episode and it’s the first time in quite awhile that I didn’t feel bored or disconnected for a moment while watching a premiere episode of a kdrama. Jang Hyuk is really great here. The music and directing are on point too! I’m not surprised to see that the ratings are rising every week.

    • I’m not saying that it’s necessarily a bad drama just that it’s not my style. JH will be great in this drama till the end. He is either great or hammy in his roles. But fault is not with his talent but his choices which can be very reckless at the times. I hope someday he can get a really good drama and team to work with.

  5. Iam just gonna say thats why some people need a humble pie.Where are those trolls that were dragging Yeo Woo Jin and saying he is a nobody?Bragging about how Yoo Seung Hoo always brings high ratings and that he will save the drama world..blah blah.

    I neither like or hate Yoo Seung Ho and am not a fan of Yeo Woo Jin.I am indifferent to both of them.I think both are good actors though.But that post put a bad taste in my mouth.

  6. Black Knight is a mess. Looks as if the drama can’t figure out it’s genre and reminds me strongly of The Legend of the Blue Sea. But I’m Not a Robot is really good, it’s funny and charming and Chae Soo Bin’s robot performance is really good. The two leads surprisingly have great chemistry because I was a bit worried since imo Yoo Seung Ho always lacked chemistry with his co-stars

    • Yeah, Yoo Seung Ho and Chae Soo Bin have great chemistry as human/human pretending to be robot. I ended up really loving the scenes where they interact, they had chemistry even yelling at each other over the phone.

      And count me as another one who’s surprised by the chemistry, I thought they looked good together in teasers but their acting wavelengths are very similar.

    • Actually I’m not really feeling the chemistry for Robot but that’s normally what I feel for all YSH pairings. He’s not good at chemistry but drama seems cute and mindless for now.

  7. I’m not surprised that Black Night is getting a lot of buzz. I predicted it would rise in the ratings due to its intriguing plot, solid actors and solid chemistry between the leads. Not to mention that the leads of I Am Not A Robot have already featured in many dramas recently and the public might not feel like watching them again in another drama. I personally prefer Shin Se Kyung’s understated and natural acting to Chae Soo Bin’s which someone’s grates. I’m not saying she’s not good, this is just my personal preference. I’ll keep my eye on all three dramas to see how it shakes out. I’m personally invested in Black Night and Judge vs. Judge, but have yet to fully pick up MBC’s drama.

    • But Chae Soobin is the only one that has starred in many dramas though. Yoo Seungho and Uhm Kijoon only did one other drama, same as Shin Sekyung. Judge vs Judge had both Yeon Woojin and Park Eunbin in their third drama this year, so we can’t say Robot is flopping due to that.

  8. Kim Rae Won always do well. He might not be super popular hallyu star like Lee Min Ho or Kim So Hyun but he’s the only korean actor that always do well in movie and dramas. Korean likes him silently even more than take example Hyun Bin or Lee Seunggi.

    • you cannot compare KRW to LSG. LSG starts as a singer and he becomes great in variety shows and as an MC (Strong Heart is still my all-time fav). I only know KRW via movies & dramas… plus their ages differ by quite a bit… LSG was a CF King before his MS, what about KRW?

      • @candycane LOL “what about KRW?” Dude seriously? You love LSG, we get it, there is no need to say as if LSG is the bigger star than KRW

      • @candycane, KRW is the bigger star in Korea. He has had many dramas and movies that are iconic in Korean film. His dramas have always had high ratings and there’s a general consensus that he is a trustworthy actor. When it comes to acting, Koreans will pick KRW over LSG in a heartbeat. LSG is popular because of his public image.

      • Kim Rae Won started the hallyu wave in Asia ATTIC CAT and the movie MY LITTLE BRIDE.. Kim RAe Won’s movie and drama are always good. I’m a Lee Seung Gi fan but give respect to Kim Rae Won because there’s KRW BEfore LSG

    • @candycane lol I’m Korean and trust me KRW is the bigger star in Korea. LSG is bigger internationally but KRW has been a top A lister for a looong time. If they put out an article comparing KRW and LSG on Naver, the netizens will choose KRW. KRW has a lot of representative dramas since he was young.

      • agree…even just knew him in doctors im checking his previous film or drama he’s natural acting is daebak i wish in the future he can be like the legend choi min sik

      • @Mstar – just curious… do Koreans like comparison this much? comparing KRW to LSG?? what is the point? just like choosing apple or orange or banana… who cares?? can’t we have varieties?? just saying… you can tell I am a bit angry at LSG’s name being mentioned here. @Lelie is now in my bad book!!

    • Yeah, KRW has never had any failed dramas so far in his career, all of them had good ratings. He’s actually been one of the forerunners in early 2000s hallyu wave and he used to hold fan meetings in Asia too. It’s just than most of his fans are older women and men in stead of teenage kids.

    • My point is “don’t compare KRW to LSG”. I know KRW is a bigger star in Korea, I know all this. BUT WHY bring up LSG’s name here? Why bring someone down to lift up another person IS MY POINT!! I am referring to @Lelie. So ridiculous!! How would you feel if your bias got compared to a big star who is older and more experienced? There is absolutely no reason to mention LSG in this article. This is my point. You all misunderstood my comment!

      • Well you shouldn’t have said “What about KRW?” in your earlier comment. And I don’t think @Lelie comment was an insult to LSG or a bad comparison. She just simply stated that despite not being international known as for say your idol, does not mean he lacks the love from the Korean public that’s all. In a certain way, she’s praising LSG’s popularity in Korea so I don’t see what’s the big deal with that.

      • My question of “What about KRW?” was simply an inquiry of how well KRW was doing in CF’s since @Lelie brought out the comparison. Doesn’t the number of CF’s correlate to how well a celebrity is received by the Koreans? I am not Korean so saying Korean likes him more than LSG has no meaning to me… And Exactly I don’t understand what’s the big deal with my comment in generating such replies from random people… lol…

      • @candycane, the person wasn’t COMPARING, they were stating LSG as an EXAMPLE. No need to get so defensive with LSG.

      • @Nee, I don’t understand why you get so defensive for Lelie. Just move on and put this thread to rest, will you please?

  9. Feel bad for Eum Ki Joon. Though i find black night is abit ridiculous. I hope this drama will success for Kim Rae Won sake. And I need a glory days of melodrama begin. Though in terms of tone. I can’t tell if this is melodrama?

  10. What wrong with ratings. I am not Robot is very good. I love it and laugh all the time.Rating 3% is very disapointed. i think korean’ taste diffrence with me. I hope team of INRB will not fell discourge aboubt ratings. We love it.

  11. SSK acting reminds me of IU’s or maybe their facial expressions?? anyway first ep of black night didnt catch my attention that much..

  12. SSK acting reminds me of IU’s or maybe their facial expressions?? anyway first ep of black night didnt catch my attention that much..

  13. Definitely KRW. That is why I am watching too. I finally saw some superpowers in action in Ep 2 – yay!
    The female lead shld really stop flipping her hair so often – or is that a nervous tick of the character she plays?

  14. It’s Kim Rae Won that’s it. All of his dramas have gotten solid ratings.

    I feel bad for YSH he needs to pick better dramas……Robot isn’t that bad but it’s just not a genre that the middle-aged viewer is gonna want to watch. It’s more of a youth drama it should’ve been on tvN or something.

    • Put a Kim Eunsook tag on the drama and you will guarantee that people will flock in to watch the first episode…. The Heirs was def one hell of a childish youth drama but people still watch that.

    • She just simply lacks a breakout work to elevate her fame. Actresses with star power also established themselves with several popular projects.

    • She’s just been in too many works this year. She needs to slow down because even knets are noticing her tendency to jump from drama to drama before one even finishes airing.

      • That’s funny, because all the Korean comments I’ve read about her dramas have been positive about her acting, no one is talking negatively about her personally for doing three dramas in a year. And if Yeon Woojin isn’t being dissed for doing three dramas as lead in 1 year, why should she be?

        (it helps that she finishes filming one before starting another).

    • Yeah she’s not an actress where people will get excited about when she’s cast in a drama. Its even worse when this is her 3rd drama this year.
      Even naver comments are saying the drama would be successful if they cast someone like Kim Yoojung or Kim Sohyun.

      • Yeah, naver comments with some minimal number of upvotes on a malicious article over the ratings. The ones about her on the actual INAR drama articles are all positive about her looks and acting.

        And I don’t see anyone raising the same ‘3 dramas in a year’ complaints about Yeon Woo Jin, who is also on his third lead role this year. At least one of Chae Soo Bin’s dramas this year was a modest hit, but look at people coming for her anyway, like how dare she have the audacity to take lead roles while not being a beloved child actor or already famoys.

      • lol you don’t have to keep bringing yeon woojin into this. i am sure there are people dissing him as well, as you can see on this website.
        yeah modest hit but i don’t think it was due to her.

      • He didn’t get even 10 percent of the dissing she did across this website and dramabeans but that might be because his previous 2 dramas of 2017 flopped so they’re already forgotten. And even the dissing he did get (which is stupid) was about his drama being up against Yoo Seung Ho’s, not about how this is his third drama this year and people are sick of seeing him.

        And I don’t see why not to being up his name when he did the exact same thing you’re dissing her for. I don’t think either of them should be dissed for working but I believe in equality. And fact is, her dramas were successful, no matter how much you want to minimise her role in that.

      • Are people even dissing her here though? The fact she has no star power is a fact, and also is her being in her third drama this year causing audience fatigue. It’s not something subjective like visuals or acting skills.
        It seems like you are the one who is not willing to accept facts. I’m not the one minimising her role though? The production team is. Can you honestly say the success of Moonlight and Rebel were largely due to her, when her roles were minimal to begin with?
        Also, Yeon Woojin did in fact get dissed for starring in dramas even when he is known for flops. Don’t choose to ignore certain things just because they don’t fit your narrative.

      • Its true Yeon Woo Jin has received a lot of hate for doing three dramas. If there is hate for both of them for doing three dramas a year then trust me its been equal hate for both.

        @Kayla Are people really saying that about wanting Kim Yoojung and Kim Sohyun? Maybe its because they are really fond of their child actors and tend to fawn over them before other stars not that I blame them. I mean all three did literally grow up in front of their eyes. The audience must feel like their parents.

      • @jumbo.mumbo: Yea but mostly Kim Yoojung, probably because Kim Sohyun already worked with him recently. Yeah you can see from the many comments “protecting” Yoo Seung-ho and saying it isn’t his fault that the drama flopped, Koreans really do love child actors/actresses.

      • @Kayla I remember reading Koreans were really fond of his chemistry with Kim So Hyun during Ruler so I’m not surprised they would want to see him with Kim Yoo Jung this time. It would be the same for Yeo Jin Gu the Koreans must really be waiting to see him reunite with his former onscreen flames. They are really lucky to have such strong child actors to lead dramas and movies for the foreseable future. The national little brothers and sisters are very talented. What was in the water when they were growing up to be so good!

      • Strange why did my block change color? Is it because of the hotel wifi since I’m travelling? Oh well.

  15. if krw is the only the reason, why was the 1st epi rating isnt in double digit though, just asking, if his name is enough to draw viewers to prove that 1st rating shldnt be under 10.

    • Shin Sekyung is also pretty popular tbh, despite her lack of strong acting skills. Normally premiere ratings is a combination of both leads’ star power.

      • yup ssk have dramas with good rating too, but to say that krw name alone will draw drama viewers that shld reflect on the 1st epi already not on the 2nd or succeeding epi.

      • Why is there so much hate for Shin Sekyung here? She’s actually not bad as an actress and I thought she was popular in Korea. She’s been acting since 1998 right?

    • All ratings are in single digits this year. It’s not a big deal if dramas start at single digits. 2017 is not the same as 2016 when almost every drama had double digit ratings.

      • @Mstar – there was no drama in that time slot for 4 weeks, INAR literally has no lead-in and it’s a romcom so I’m not surprised.

  16. Cannot stomach Shin Se Kyung in anything but Kim Rae Won is great! I’ll probably be watching I Am Not A Robot because it’s such a light and breezy show.

  17. Ssk is pretty popular in Korea ? I don’t know but she’s famous of her “stone face” ie. Without any emotion and facial expression when she act. Prison Playbook is my fav now. Story of the drama did matters. Visual is not 1st priority.

  18. I won’t even dare to watch black knight. ? coz I don’t like the kim rae won from the start. Sorry guys! Even his past dramas like his drama with park shin hye. I love shin hye but raewon. I cannot.. I don’t know why ?? and ssk ✌ don’t like her act.. For me the best kdrama ever is “Im not a robot” ..its just I love the storyline coz I never watched before a robot love story .before I don’t like yoo seung ho .coz I seen that drama war of the son. And I’m not enjoying it. I told myself I won’t try and watch his drama coz I’ll get annoyed but I swallow my words. When I watch the first episode I find myself addicted to it.. That I want more episodes… That very moment I really really love their chemistry so much.. It’s so amazing.. It’s like song song couple that you will love them.. For those people said that lack of act and same acting.. Your mistaken. Try first to watch it. Before you judge .coz I know you’ll in love with the two.. Yoo seung ho and chae soo Bin.. That would be all.

  19. I really don’t understand why I’m not a robot is not getting good rating. It’s such a good drama. Plus I’m someone who watches a lot of Korean drama. This is definitely one of the better dramas.

    • I’m not the only one who feels bad about it. IANAR should’ve gotten more higher ratings. The plot and the casts are beyond amazing. I just don’t know what kind of genre does the Koreans want ? I don’t even feel like watching black knight. Not because I’m judging a book by its cover but because…. I just don’t feel like it ? Weird, right? Also, SSK’s acting is just… I’m not criticizing her btw. Its just to bland, like the first kdrama I watched that she starred with. BOH. I really like IANAR. Just please watch it before you judge.

  20. Im not a robot is a great show from start to finish..rare for a korean series to be stable plot-wise till the end so this show is one those rare gems where the story is good, actors are great, characters have depth, bad guys make sense, and most important, the writer did not mess up till the end

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