Joo Sang Wook, Jin Se Yeon and Yoon Si Yoon Confirmed for Chosun TV 2018 Sageuk Romance Grand Prince

It’s funny but the moment I saw the cast, genre, and synopsis it was like a deja vu moment. Cable network Chosun TV has announced a sageuk romance drama for early 2018 called Grand Prince (Daegun which is more accurately crown prince) and has cast Joo Sang Wook, Yoon Si Yoon, and Jin Se Yeon. It’s a love triangle between the female lead and two princely brothers who then vy for the throne to be with her. This sounds just like this year’s Seven Day Queen with Lee Dong Gun, Park Min Young, and Yeon Woo Jin, and even funnier is that Lee Dong Gun did that drama while his wife Jo Yoon Hee was pregnant and now Joo Sang Wook is doing Grand Prince as his wife Cha Ye Ryun is expecting their first child. All three in this cast has done sageuks before, Joo Sang Wook early on in his career in Queen Seondeok, Jin Se Yeon with Prison Flower and The Duo, and Yoon Si Yoon in the fantasy sageuk Mirror of the Witch.

Directing Grand Prince is PD Kim of Perfect Wife, The Man Living in Our House, Joseon Gunman, and The Princess’s Man, and writing the script is the screenwriter Jo Hyun Kyung who wrote Maids.


Joo Sang Wook, Jin Se Yeon and Yoon Si Yoon Confirmed for Chosun TV 2018 Sageuk Romance Grand Prince — 20 Comments

  1. I am excited about this sageuk drama with Joo Sang Wook and Yoon Shi Yoon until I saw Jin Se Yeon name. On top of that both lead actors fighting over her…

    I think I may have to pass this one.

    • Yeah… She is not the worse but not the best either. Why can’t there be a drama with a strong male and female lead. Lately I feel we can only get one but asking for both is like asking for too much in dramas these days.

    • Yoon Si Yoon hasn’t had a hit drama since Kim Tak Goo.. Mirror of the Witch did okay but wasn’t a hit. Unfortunately he’s falling behind in popularity since his drama choices lately have been prettty bad. He should go on some variety shows to revive his career if I was him. It worked for Song Ji Hyo and Son Ho Joon to name a few.

      • He’s currently in 2 days 1 night since last year as a new member after Kim Joo Hyuk left the show. But 2D1N is currently on hiatus due to Kbs strike. I’m not sure whether his popularity has been increased after he joined 2d1n, but as a fan of that show, he is kinda boring despite his positive and enthusiastic character.

  2. why jin se yeon though????they did this with “gaksital/bridal mask” and she ruined the flow and intensity of the storyline every time her scene appeared.Even child version outacted her in the few minutes she appeared.She has the charisma of a rock and she cannot emote except furrowing her brows.

    They keep giving her lead lady roles but her roles or chemistry with her male lead are not memorable.She is pretty but her screen presence is very bland.

  3. Shit actress who keeps getting lead roles because she’s got sponsors (mainly her dad). Not even pretty when there are superior actresses when it comes to looks and skills

  4. yoon shi yoon really needs a hit so I wonder why he chose this role. Then again, Chosun TV? What have they aired? I keep thinking they have put out a really good drama(s) at some point but i can’ think what? Maybe i’m getting confused?

  5. Lead lady is weak in acting and not pretty imo… Storyline seems repetitive. Arhhh… this drama does not sound very interesting to me…

  6. I’ve seen two full and part of a third of the director’s dramas, and he’s solid. Maids sounded interesting but for whatever reason, I never checked it out so might put that on my watch list.

    I watched almost half of Flower in Prison and dropped because of the meandering story. The actress was actually passable in that. I know Int’l fans don’t like her but I assume Korean viewers are okay with her …maybe…for her to keep getting parts like this.

  7. Great drama and what a success with high rating. The 3 leads are amazing, so are the supporting casts. I practically love JSY acting,cute and innocent in the beginning,maturing to fight for her love and family. She has definitely matured in her acting. Love to see her in another role with her screen mother. This time in a comedy.

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