Answer Me PD’s New tvN Drama Wise Prison Living Deliver Another Success in Ratings

Congratulations is in order for PD Shin Won Ho of the Answer Me drama series in achieving yet another drama success and one that is outside his most famous franchise. PD Shin’s latest tvN drama Wise Prison Living (Prison Playbook) is a solid success halfway through airing with every episode increasing from the last. The drama started off with 4.638% AGB nationwide ratings and increased bit by bit with episode 8 getting close to 7% with 6.774% ratings. Of course this doesn’t hold a candle to his last and most successful drama to date Answer Me 1988 but it’s nevertheless an incredible accomplishment to continue his success streak and do so this time with a subject matter around prisoners and guards which doesn’t exactly scream must watch entertainment. At this point PD Shin is basically gold not because of his reputation but due to clearly have a vision and the ability to cast well and execute deftly.


Answer Me PD’s New tvN Drama Wise Prison Living Deliver Another Success in Ratings — 14 Comments

  1. This is easily the best wed-thurs drama on air right now. The international audience should stop sleeping on it. They are really missing out on a masterpiece.

  2. Is it kind of like oitnb? Anyway, it seems the biggest hit because 7% on cable is considered a hit. It’s like 14% on public broadcast.

    • oitnb? Its the biggest hit for TVN this year and well deserved. The twists are unpredictable and I actually like Krystal in her small appearences.

      • ointb is Orange Is The New Black. Of course because it’s a k-drama there won’t be certain things that are common in American dramas but it’s a drama about inmates, right? I really like the Reply PD so I will have a look at that drama

  3. I was on a drama slump, every kdrama seems to tackle the same stuff these days. Prison Playbook is showing on netflix so I decided to try it out and unexpectedly, it was really good. I thought the show would be depressing since it’s about prison life, but the show is positively delightful. This is my fave show for the last quarter of 2017.

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