Yoon Hyun Min in Talks to Join Yoon Eun Hye in 2018 Romance Drama Love Like a Human

I’m so tired from waiting for Yoon Eun Hye to pick her next project I’d rather she take the first one to come along rather than continue this acting hiatus. Acting and popularity both require consistent output so it’s with a hopeful heart that I’m getting excited for upcoming 2018 romance drama Love Like a Human. Yoon Eun Hye has been offered the female lead role announced last week and now comes news that her leading man could be Yoon Hyun Min.

Love Like a Human is the story of a male lead neurosurgeon who is pronounced dead but gets a brain transplant with an artificial intelligence brain and is reborn. He will be playing two characters in the drama if he accepts. Yoon Eun Hye’s female lead is a high school gym teacher who is very in tune with her emotions and has lots of skills certifications, who finds herself crossing paths with her first love who claims to not remember dating her before. The drama is from the PD of Saimdang: Light’s Diary with a script from a rookie screenwriter.


Yoon Hyun Min in Talks to Join Yoon Eun Hye in 2018 Romance Drama Love Like a Human — 27 Comments

  1. Yoon Hyun Min did a splendid job in With’s Court. I am not fond of the drama set up but I will watch for Yoon Hyun Min. After Song-Song, Lee-Lee, Park-Park, Kim-Kim and now they are trying for a Yoon-Yoon pairing?

    • Actually this is the second Yoon-Yoon pairing for YEH after “My Fair Lady” with Yoon Sang Hyun. But if you take the director/PD Yoon Sang Ho into account, it should be “triple Yoon” lol.

      • As far as i know, the track record of dramas that were headlined by the OTP with the same surname are quite good (even the Lee-Lee from Moon Lovers, though not doing well domestically but enjoying huge success on international front). So maybe the omen is pretty good already….

      • @Alexa yeah I really hope so. Even her drama I mentioned earlier (MFL) garnered good rating with average 15,5% and almost 20% (19,4%) for ending episode. And it’s also very popular abroad

      • Also Lee-Lee couple in I Hear Your Voice ! (Lee Jong-seok and Lee Bo-young. One of my favorite OTP ever)

  2. This drama sounds interesting, its premise reminds me of the jdrama Henshin. Glad to see YHM in another leading role after Witches Court. As for YEH, I kinda lost interest in her. I thought she really shined in Coffee Prince, but after that, her drama selections weren’t the best choices. it seems that recent Kdramas are embracing stories about sci fi. I hopefully this one airs b4 audiences tire out of this trend.

    • Honestly audiences have never embraced the sci-fi trend as seen from the ratings. Dramas like Circle and Im Not a Robot does better among international viewers. This looks like it want to target i-fans (maybe cos YEH herself is well-received overseas).

  3. A good actor, like him in ” Beautiful mind” , Tunnel, Witch’s court, Discovery of love. Actually i didn’t plan to Watch “I’m not a robot”, but i find it easy and cute to watch . So why not ?

  4. They already look like they’d be compatible on screen. I hope YEH takes it. I always feel sad the way the ’scandal’ has affected her career. She isn’t my favorite but honestly, she could bring something fresh to the kdrama scene again

  5. I have a strong feeling YEH will finally return to acting with this drama. After all those time of mentioning probable offers, this one with the exact drama title, PD and fellow potential cast mate being named, means the possibility that it will materialized is quite high. Hope she accepts it. Forget the haters, she needs to take that leap of faith and make some baby steps for now. Hopefully the support from i-fans enough to convince her to return to dramaland. Not a fan of YEH but wishing her all the best.

    • agree.flop or hit it doesnt matter.an actress needs to just act.let the other stuff be extra benefits.if the story or her acting resonates with the audience.Thats a job well done and thats what matters the most.wish her all the best.

  6. I like both actors will definitely watch this for them.YEH should start from somewhere and this drama is a good starting choice considering yoon hyun min is on fire with his choices giving both critical and rating hits.

    hopefully its lives up to expectation.

  7. Story does not sound interesting…. Romance will be forced as the male lead is actually a different person with a new brain and just the same face… Not familiar with the PD but Saimdang didn’t do well in ratings. But anyhow, it’s delightful if YEH returns to the small screen. Not sure about the pairing with YHM… he is a good actor but I can’t see him in a romance drama yet… ?

      • Yeah she’s good in romance department. She even taught Yoon Sang Hyun how to kiss properly on MFL’s behind the scene video lol

      • She even gave me the feeling of romance with Yoo Seung ho. And in my own opinion , Yoo seung ho was the best , in romance department, with her, even if he has worked with other good actresses.

  8. I think the plot and lead character is definitely perfect for YEH. I hope she accept the drama offer. I can’t wait to watch YEH in a new drama. 🙂

    • totally agree, want to see her in anything.

      Unlike most, I happen to find the plot very intriguing! i have often wondered what will happen when brain transplants become ‘normal’. AI is a fascinating field.

  9. let hope the korean viwer will watch her drama. just like how they watch that rapest weekend drama. if they still holding on to her scandal. then they really hate woman actress.

  10. YEH, is so darn talented, she is also brave, and has tried to live her own life as she sees fit. What is the hurry, how old is she, hasn’t she paid her dues yet?

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