First Look at Lee Da Hae and Ryu Soo Young for SBS Weekend Drama Good Witch

I’m liking the cast of upcoming SBS weekend drama Good Witch very much, and also loving how the first character promos look like a very coordinated group shot for winter outerwear. SBS is getting killed in ratings for this time slot as currently airing Bravo My Life is managing middle single digits but weekend dramas remain a fertile ground for veteran actors and actresses to keep working and remain in the public eye. Good Witch is the first drama for Lee Da Hae since Hotel King in 2014, and frankly I’ve given up on her ever hitting the potential she exhibited in My Girl. I still think she’s a tremendous actress and this time she gets a fresh male lead Ryu Soo Young rather and her tendency to pair up with former costars. She plays a housewife married to Bae Soo Bin, but for some typical K-drama reason needs to assume the identity of her flight attendant sister and crosses paths with Ryu Soo Young’s pilot male lead. This sounds makjang as heck but could be lots of fun for that very reason.

The supporting cast will also include Ahn Woo Yeon and Yoon Se Ah, and helmed by PD Oh of My Heart Twinkle Twinkle and Temptation of Wife with the screenwriter of Birth of a Beauty and One Well-Raised Daughter.


First Look at Lee Da Hae and Ryu Soo Young for SBS Weekend Drama Good Witch — 12 Comments

  1. She looks like she have done so much plastic surgery that I can’t bear to watch her dramas anymore. Storyline sounds great though.

    • She is not the only one though. Many, many others have had procedures done pre debut and pass off as “natural” because there are no before and after photos to compare. As long as the surgery doesn’t hinder the acting, I am totally fine with it.

      LDH is a very talented actress and I would watch her over other so-called “natural beauty” actresses who can’t emote properly.

      Storyline sounds great I agree. Looking forward to this one!

      • She is a great actress. Of course there are many actresses that have plastic surgery. But for me, LDH has become artifical looking that watching her just reminds me of her plastic surgery than her acting.

  2. I’m excited to see Lee Da Hae return to the drama scene, and I agree that the rest of this cast looks amazing. But, something about the plot just doesn’t get me too motivated to check it out. I have hope that it will change though once posters and trailers start to be released!

    • Same here! Loved her in My Girl, Robbers and Miss Ripley. Great to see her back on screen. The plot sounds makjang but no more makjang than time travelling, robots, supernatural abilities that are so common in K dramas these days. Will definitely check this one out.

  3. I think I’m the only one who hated her in my girl, actually I hated her in 5 out of the 6 dramas I’ve seen of hers. The only time I liked her was in hotel king, I thought her acting was freaking great in that and the over the top acting/character she always plays didn’t bug me for once.

    That said I don’t think I could stomach her for 50 eps plus I have no interest in the male lead so this is a big pass for me.

  4. Honestly, to me LDH was never a “great” actress. That word is used to lightly sometimes. She’s not even close to Gong Hyo Jin or Ha Ji Won etc. But that hardly means she had bad actress. I really liked her in My Girl and Miss Ripley. She was so off in Chuno and obviously East of Eden. As for Hotel King, solely her chemistry with LDW carried it for me and made me really like that drama. So I’m fond of her basically.

    But taking the whole PS out of the equation, my biggest issue with her is that she doesn’t look like she tries at all with her career recently. I’m not sure if she’s picky but her choices have been bad. Or maybe she just wants to work less? Honestly at this point I don’t think a lot of viewers remember her very well. I wish she cared more for her career in general because she had so much potential in the past. Now it’s Makjang stuff she’s doing instead. Sigh.

    • Seems like You never watch Heaven Fate, that the true acting and real talent even Gong Hyo Jin and overrated Ha Ji won will never achieve. At least Lee Da Hae has comedic timing, but Ha Ji Won failed miserably in that department.

      I’m also aware she having attitude issue, and really loves giving middle finger to all people who she thinks hate her even to her own fans. This contributed to her “lazy acting”, but I totally disagree if you said she “never great actress”.
      Adding to my surprise you watched all her drama-and seems a hard core Lee Dong Wook’s fan which not surprising how you looking down at her.

    • I like all three actresses for their different auras. LDH may not be the best out there but she is closer to GHJ and HJW than you think. HJW is probably the most versatile out of the three but she does not do well in comedic roles and can be awkward in romantic scenes. GHJ’s acting is very natural but her facial features are only suited for modern dramas, imagine how odd she will look in sageuk with her hair tied up. LDH has very good comedic timing and her crying scenes are some of the best in the industry but she does have a tendency to overact when playing a bubbly role. Putting popularity aside, there are no winners or losers IMO.

      Hotel King was good but the one overacting in the drama was probably LDW in his angry scenes, not LDH surprisingly.

  5. I like them all esp GHJ and LDH becos they’re good and talented in acting
    Plastic surgery? I’m not bugged. Many Koreans do have this
    LDH-lazy? There cud be another reason for this. Regardless, let’s respect her wishes and the way she handle her life.
    Although I miss her and will root for her when her rare drama comes up, I still want to say “LDH has done well. Keep it up! Fighting!”

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