First Look at Lee Da Hae and Ryu Soo Young for SBS Weekend Drama Good Witch

I’m liking the cast of upcoming SBS weekend drama Good Witch very much, and also loving how the first character promos look like a very coordinated group shot for winter outerwear. SBS is getting killed in ratings for this time slot as currently airing Bravo My Life is managing middle single digits but weekend dramas remain a fertile ground for veteran actors and actresses to keep working and remain in the public eye. Good Witch is the first drama for Lee Da Hae since Hotel King in 2014, and frankly I’ve given up on her ever hitting the potential she exhibited in My Girl. I still think she’s a tremendous actress and this time she gets a fresh male lead Ryu Soo Young rather and her tendency to pair up with former costars. She plays a housewife married to Bae Soo Bin, but for some typical K-drama reason needs to assume the identity of her flight attendant sister and crosses paths with Ryu Soo Young’s pilot male lead. This sounds makjang as heck but could be lots of fun for that very reason. Continue reading