Bae Soo Bin Joins Sageuk Drama Affection Playing Ro Woon’s Father

Okay, this post really should be a series of exclamation points and question marks and WTF headdesking. Or perhaps I’m simply unable and unwilling to look at that butcher’s cleaver that is time and accept that reality when I heard of this casting. K-actor Bae Soo Bin is returning to his sageuk roots joining the cast of Affection (Yeonmo) adapted from the webtoon. I first saw him in Jumong (wow!) and one of his first roles was in Emperor of the Sea and he played King Jeongjo in The Painter of the Wind so he’s one of the best sageuk talents out there. I know he’s been acting for nearly two decades but it’s still wild to me to hear that in Affection he’s playing male lead Ro Woon‘s father. Bae Soo Bin is Ro Woon’s dad? Okay, as long as he gets to be hot daddy (zaddy) then I’m good with it.

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jTBC Presents Another Mature Suspense Drama with July 2020 Premiere of Graceful Friends with Song Yoon Ah and Yoo Joon Sang

If tvN is the most mainstream of the cable networks, OCN has carved out procedurals/thrillers, Chosun TV has one hit a year with sageuks, then jTBC is the indie that’s riding the dark horse all the way to the deepest … Continue reading

Lee Min Ho Costars and Good Friends Turn Out En Masse for Gangnam 1970 VIP Premiere

The upcoming gangster noir period film Gangnam 1970 has basically turned into the Lee Min Ho show even if the movie has him co-headlining along with Kim Rae Won. If I were Kim Rae Won I wouldn’t let this bother … Continue reading

Angsty Revenge Melodrama Returns with the Premiere of Secret with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum

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K-stars Descend on a Summer Night for the Cold Eyes Movie Premiere

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The Fashionable Stars Descend on the 2012 Busan International Film Festival

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