tvN Apologizes After Incomplete Post-production Work Causes the Second Episode of Hwayugi to Get Pulled Midway Through Airing

In what maybe be a new level of K-drama filming and post-production fail, the second episode of tvN weekend drama Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey) went from ratings winning new hit to being unable to finish airing. Sunday night’s episode 2 of Hwayugi actually got pulled from airing midway through due to incredibly obvious post-production screw ups. Basically the post-production wasn’t done by the time the episode aired, so in the beginning the commercials ran for a really long time previewing other tvN shows such as Youn’s Kitchen and Mother, then the network aired some of the episode before simply ending the telecast.

The mess ups include ghosts at the audition scene having visible wires, green screen evident in another scene, and other such clean up work not yet done. This is such a shame since Hwayugi got high ratings in its first episode and great audience feedback, I was riveted and loved every moment of episode 1. I don’t think this screw up will tank the series but it worries me more that post-production work isn’t done so early in the drama, how is the production going to live-film a drama with heavy fantasy elements that require a lot of post-production.

tvN has announced that it will rebroadcast the second episode of Hwayugi after finishing the post-production work on December 25th at 6 pm.


tvN Apologizes After Incomplete Post-production Work Causes the Second Episode of Hwayugi to Get Pulled Midway Through Airing — 19 Comments

  1. I have second hand embarrassment for tvn. Did they get the rookies to do the editing or what? If they screw up seunggi comeback anymore the Koreans might just stage a protest.

  2. Look set to doom. If they can’t get things right earlier during its run, Idk how are they going to manage once the filming schedule getting tighter. Ambitious project like this should be a pre-produced one but then Korea has proven that they are also capable at blotching a pre-produced project, case in example Moon Lovers. Sad and embarassing at the same time.

  3. The embarrassment is even magnified because of how hyped this drama was.All that mediaplay and they werent even ready to air the drama?????!!!!TVN can be too ambitious with these fantasy dramas sometimes.I remember even from the little I saw of Bride of the water god.The costume makeup of habaek was poor quality.

  4. Eh they better not waste the high premiere ratings and hype for this drama with shitty post production work.
    Seriously, tvN should have pushed the drama to next year since they had to wait for LSG. Fantasy dramas with CGI need more work. Look at how the actors for Goblin suffered last year.

  5. I’m most worried about the future episodes with how tight the schedule seem to be with Hwayugi. Even with some productions (ex. sageuk dramas) having banked about 4 episodes at the onset, would still have live-shooting in the midst. And this drama requires extensive post-prod treatment aside from the actual filming which i think is also extensive. I hope they don’t sacrifice some fantasy elements just to save post prod time.

  6. nothing to embarrass about lol. it’s probably part of the PR stunt. I liked the 1st episode a lot and I have not watched the 2nd epi but I think the next episodes onwards will get high rating despite the blunder. The incident definitely creates a significant stir to arouse people interest in the drama.

  7. I’m worried they’ll have to cut down on the special effects-heavy fantasy elements just to keep up with the broadcast schedule. It’s also been announced that episode 4 will air on January 6, a week after episode 3. This should not be happening this early into a drama’s run.

  8. Dropping by to greet my Koala sis a Merry Christmas!

    Hmmm, I wish tvN had this scheduled next year. Drama with fantasy elements need a lot of post-prod work. It was so embarrassing having to pull out a show mid-air. Hwayugi is highly anticipated, for me because CSW will be reunited with the Hong Sisters and the writers hadn’t had a hit drama for sometime. I also looked forward to the show because of LSG return. Roughly more than a month after Seungi’s discharge the drama aired tsk, what a rush work. Obviously the quality will suffer, poor us and most of all worried for the actors and staff who will undoubtedly be harassed to the max.

  9. So TVN couldn’t postpone broadcast till next year? It’s not like it’s unheard of and the money they probably wanted to save by whatever means might not be worth it now. Also, the poor cast and especially the crew will be worked to the bone to keep up with a ridiculously tight schedule and they will be hindered from doing their jobs to the best of their ability. They are the ones I’m concerned for.

    People will watch anyway, I doubt ratings will be that affected unless it starts to become extremely distracting and detracts from the story. I could see that happening down the line but let’s hope not!

  10. TVN had a lot of hits this year with Goblin, Because it’s my first life, Wise Prison Life, Forest of secrets or Avengers Social Club. They could wait to be ready for this drama…

  11. omg i just saw the fixed episode 2 and almost screamed when the preview for episode 3 came out! there’s a special cameo by JKS!!! omg omg omg!!!

  12. What’s scary to me is the amount of pressure the actors must be under. It’s not uncommon for K-drama actors to have serious health issues due to the filming schedule. If they’re still filming the actors must be in horrible condition right now. Also, I don’t buy tvN’s excuse that they have filmed out to the 6th episode. If that’s the case, why are they having editing issues with episode 2?

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