Ariel Lin Reportedly Cast for Time-travel Romance C-drama Slated for Spring 2018 Filming

Great news for Ariel Lin drama fans, especially those of her period dramas. Word on the 2018 drama circuit is that she’s inked to headline the time-travel period C-drama This Girl Hua Bu Qi (小女花不弃) based on the same name C-novel. Now that Ariel is lined up this will clearly be my next fluffy read, I trust she’s got a keen eye for drama picking and can’t wait for her to don period garb five year since she did King of Lan Ling with Feng Shao Feng. The story is about a pair of modern day marriage swindlers who are escaping from their latest scam and fall off a cliff, time-traveling to the past and splitting up.

She becomes a beggar girl and he the rich, handsome heir to a business empire. They meet up again 13 years later and there is romance, secrets unveiled, and generally all the dramatic excitement as can be conjured up in a typical C-romance novel. The drama is slated for a March 2018 filming kickoff and the male lead is reportedly cast and a big name but not yet revealed. PLEASE LET IT BE HU GE! Ahahaha, I’m sure that’s a pipe dream but a forever Rong Er/Jing Gege shipper can hope. Ariel is beautiful as always lately, with her most recent media appearance at a Christmas event in Taipei last week.


Ariel Lin Reportedly Cast for Time-travel Romance C-drama Slated for Spring 2018 Filming — 16 Comments

  1. My freaking goodness if hu ge and Ariel reunite for this I will go on a marathon… love them since twfx please let it be Hu ge but if not I’ll watch for Ariel ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. I have been waiting forever for Ariel Lin to return to dramaland! I absolutely love her, especially when she’s acting alongside Hu Ge. Their chemistry is impeccable. I kinda doubt Hu Ge would take up a project like this, but you never know. Also, I can’t wait for her drama with Liu Ye, “Old Boy”, to start airing.

  3. I kind of want to see her and Wallace Hou in a drama together…but I’m also a big fan of Ariel and HuGe! Would love to see them together again!

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