Tzuyu of TWICE is Highest Ranked East Asian Star in 3rd Place on the TC Candler Most Beautiful Faces of 2017 List

The TC Candler website list of the Most Beautiful Faces of 2017 is out and congrats is due to Taiwanese idol singer Tzuyu (Chou Tzu Yu) of TWICE for being the highest East Asian star on the list at number 3. Former number 1 ranked Nana, who repeated twice in a row in 2014 and 2015, takes second among the East Asians coming in at 5th place this year. And there are three East Asians in the top ten as Chinese singer-actress Ju Jing Yi who came out of SNH48 lands at the 8th spot. Other notable East Asian actresses that I follow are Lee Sung Kyung getting 32nd, Ishihara Satomi in the 34th spot, Suzy at 51, and Park Shin Hye with 88th. This is a very subjective list from one website though it has gotten tons of exposure for the breadth of its list every year so check out below the East Asian female stars who were deemed Most Beautiful faces for this year 2017.

3. Tzuyu of TWICE
5. Nana
8. Ju Jing Yi
15. Lisa of Black Pink
18. Jennie of Black Pink
21. Sana of TWICE
22. Seulgi of Red Velvet
32. Lee Sung Kyung
34. Ishihara Satomi
38. Komatsu Nana
40. Taeyeon of SNSD
49. Jelly Lin
51. Bae Suzy
55. Irene of Red Velvet
59. Go Ara
69. Jessica Jung
88. Park Shin Hye
99. Zhou Jie Qiong of PRISTIN


Tzuyu of TWICE is Highest Ranked East Asian Star in 3rd Place on the TC Candler Most Beautiful Faces of 2017 List — 29 Comments

  1. My opinion like most is probably defferent..Beauty lyes in the beholder…How wonderful it would be to see a contest with no makeup than one might be able to judge what they actually look like instead of putting forward an illusion. Lol.

  2. I think the list is misleading, they are pretty but I can’t see tzuyu as number 3 when you have dilraba and satomi ishihara there or even nana,

    also the male guy has an idol in the 1st place, he is cute, I give him that but most handsome, come on, that’s a joke

    this is just a popularity poll

  3. This list is useless. You don’t see most celebs nor major news outlets giving a damn about it. There are a lot of “beautiful” people, but no one can really say that they think one is definitely prettier than the other. The perception of beauty is a very curious thing influenced by a multitude of factors, a lot of which has ironically nothing to do with beauty. Honestly, there’s no need for such a ranking. The only use will be for boasting. And if you’re using it to substantiate your own beauty standards, please don’t – it’s embarrassing.

  4. A list made by some random dudes lol. There is a reason there are so many Korean artists because loop fans bring traffic for them.

  5. Taeyeon is on this list ???? If we are to compare, some of the SNSD members are more beautiful than her. And she’s even ahead of Suzy…. Kim Hee Sun, Kim Tae Hee and Song Hyo Kyo are not here at all. Is there a age limit? Some of the idols shouldn’t even make it to this list.

  6. Bollocks. I think people should remember that this TC Candler list is based on fans’ nominations. When fans nominate, their bias gets votes too. This is why every year this list is full of kpop kids because kpop fans are good with voting stuff. No one really cares about this shitty list except kpop fans. No one in Korea would actually ever choose Jessica or Taeyeon over Suzy or Park Shin Hye. And a beauty list without TaeJiHye is simply invalid. Also, even if Song Hye Kyo or Jun Ji Hyun were on that list, I highly doubt they would be listed the highest because the world has even more gorgeous and beautiful stars. Besides beauty is always subjective and these kinds of lists are rubbish anyway.

    • Completely agree that they should be higher. Taeyeon I think should be lower than where she is right now. PSH and Suzy should have more fans than Jessica though no?

      • They probably have but I have a feeling that most PSH and Suzy fans stopped caring about TC Candler nominations a while ago, hence they didn’t nominate their fave as much. But when it comes to younger generation kpop fans, they’re much more active. That’s why you see Blackpink and Twice members so high. And the list didn’t even have Yoona when Yoona fans are notorious for always voting Yoona in all sorts of polls. I remember when Yoona didn’t top one Chinese beauty poll, Yoona fans’s excuse was that they didn’t know about the poll.
        This TC Candler nomination thing happens mostly on TC Candler’s instagram comments. It’s all about fan votes but it’s also all about fan activity too. To tell an example about fan activity; PSH didn’t win the Baeksang popularity award last time although she wins it many years in row and I read that a lot of PSH fans started to boycott voting because they rip off money and they want her to win meaningful awards instead of useless awards. I imagine that’s the case with Suzy fans too when it comes to this particular poll, they don’t value it that much?

      • lmao, so many blah blah excuses and reasons, butthurt fans cant accept your idols didnt got high rank on the beauty list because firstly they are not that beautiful compared with the rest of the world, period! most of these Kpop fans have concertrated all their time & effort, it’s just that in world stage and standards, your idols FAKE face are not really the best out there, just accept that real reality and truest truth butthurt fans. also just see & compare Suzy’s face to the Top 1 beauty Liza Soberano, do you honestly say Suzy’s face is anywhere near that girl’s beauty, you must be blind and a joke, Suzy’s rank is just right, if it were not for her blind fantards efforts, she should not be on Top 100 list. wake up.

  7. Lol seriously no one should take beauty lists seriously because first of all beauty is subjective. And most often, these are always decided by popularity.

  8. The true reality is that the most 100 beautiful faces in the world are probably not even Celebrities!! This is just a load of B.S…We never get to know what a celebrity really looks like anyway because its all an illusion.

  9. Besides Taeyeon being on the list and it’s ranking, I do believe they named beautiful celebrities on the list. I need to see the whole list because some Ondian actresses and Thai actresses are missing

  10. lol even the no.1 doesn’t deserve to be in that spot. this list would be valid if TaeJiHye is on that list. this is becoming a popularity poll. this should be based on highest paid on cf/endorsements.

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